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  1. drugprowlingwolf

    Sold…. 2000 Gibson Les Paul Classic Plus Amber Monster Top!

    how deep is the neck at the first fret? 12th?
  2. drugprowlingwolf

    Bacchus Classic Heardware

    Hey guys, I might be buying a Bacchus classic explorer. Does anyone know what kind of hardware comes on them? Aluminum tailpiece? Just wondering if I might need to swap a couple parts for vintage specs.
  3. drugprowlingwolf

    Replica owners… how many do you own?

    Can’t seem to find a line on getting one but would love to have a true 59 style with all the nerdy details - if anyone is feeling generous enough to PM me some tips, I sure would appreciate it and exercise discretion. On a side note, I have a great Epiphone LQ that I’m head over heels for as...
  4. drugprowlingwolf

    The Other Single-Cuts Classifieds (read the rules before posting)

    Would anyone be interested in a Greco RJ85 circa 88 or 89? Couple knobs replaced with Gretsch knobs. Bigsby works but the handle has some strange “play” to it or maybe not because I’ve never owned a bigsby too long. It’s got a great Les Paul meets filtertron tone, holds tune like a champ, looks...
  5. drugprowlingwolf

    I need help from someone in japan! BUYEE SERVICE WARNING.

    Zenmarket has been, and continues to be, excellent for me since 2020. I just purchased two guitars a few weeks back. Shipping in Japan took them longer then from zenmarket to me. Packed very well - both were shipped in gigbags and have fragile headstocks. Customer service is great too.
  6. drugprowlingwolf

    The Norlin era Les Paul bashing is based on a myth or fact?

    There are so many forum folks I only know by username that have been gone since 2020. I hope they’re all doing okay - hotbrit included.
  7. drugprowlingwolf

    The Other Single-Cuts Classifieds (read the rules before posting)

    WTB Epiphone LQ or Orville by Gibson Ebony Les Paul Custom. Cash on deck. The ones out there don’t seem reasonably priced imho.
  8. drugprowlingwolf

    The MIJ Epiphone LQ series thread

    semi-necro bump! Does anyone know what size switchcraft switch to purchase for these? I have an 06 honeyburst that’s a little finnicky. My neck is like Frehley76 - not a fat profile like my r7 more of a 59 C, maybe a hair slimmer. I love it.
  9. drugprowlingwolf

    Southern Rock Tone

    Flip to the neck pickup and start practicing your major pentatonic. Any slightly middy/Brit type amp/setting on your katana will do the job. Less is more for this type of thing - speaking from lots of experience. If you want to get into black crowes tones, I’d consider your needs. It would be...
  10. drugprowlingwolf

    The Other Single-Cuts Classifieds (read the rules before posting)

    Still looking for Grecos... Anyone got one of their Rick copies? Gretsch copies? My tax return is watching this thread, lol.
  11. drugprowlingwolf

    R7 Woes

    Thanks guys. Don’t have calipers but it’s definitely more clubby above the 9th fret - just not so much taper. @theusualdan that would be great. I’m not great with describing ergonomics but upon back to back comparison my r7 feels like it may just have too much shoulder
  12. drugprowlingwolf

    Greco EGF horns

    Necro bump! Does anyone have photos comparing the “sharp” Greco horn vs the vintage correct one?
  13. drugprowlingwolf

    Trade offer, what would you do?

    Keep the Greco IMO. Most likely better fit and finish (unapolagetic MIJ fanboy even with vintage Gibbys) and you will have the classic paf sound - the Lonestar will never give you that due to it's scale length. Even though this is a bit past the "golden age" of Greco, you have a great example...
  14. drugprowlingwolf

    R7 Woes

    Hello gents, I have a 2014 R7 I love - except for the neck. I like thick necks but it's a club... I much prefer a rounded/medium/59 style profile. Can anyone recommend someone who can shave this down correctly in the Chicago area? I'd really love to give the guitar more play time but right now...
  15. drugprowlingwolf

    Vintage Repro Gibson Knobs?

    I like them and use them on several vintage guitars. Good service, price is way up these days due to covid stuff I presume. Their vintage spec gold knobs look absolutely killer.
  16. drugprowlingwolf

    Buyer beware Jackson Electronic Luthier

    Had run ins. Some good, recent ones bad. More of the same here. I think Roxy nailed it - most likely stock issues... Easy fix: communicate lead times and don't take money until you can supply the goods. I mean come on, hahaha. Spoke with him once and he started arguing with me about how he...
  17. drugprowlingwolf

    The Other Single-Cuts Classifieds (read the rules before posting)

    Anyone have a Greco SA59 they'd be willing to trade for a very clean 81 Tokai ES-100 with hang tags/papers? Upgrade pots and caps to vintage spec and Luxe Black Beauties. Comes in an era correct-looking old yamaha hard case. Right now it has historic makeovers thumbcutters and philadelphia...
  18. drugprowlingwolf

    Tokai LS100 - Veneer or Solid?

    I let it go for an Epi LQ that was too cheap to resist...!
  19. drugprowlingwolf

    Tokai LS100 - Veneer or Solid?

    Very well could be. Decisions, decisions... Anyone have an idea on what an LS100 in really good shape with original case and sticker would go for? I know it's subjective - I just want opinions. Feel free to PM me if doing so publicly is a faux pas.

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