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  1. luizhmax

    Does this Catalin switch tip look vintage to you?

    Is there a guide on how to spot a fake besides the mold seam most reproductions have? I know about the bakelite smell test as well... the problem is covid took my sense of smell so can't use that one right now...
  2. luizhmax

    Help needed for setting up string action

    I had this R9 that came with a perfect action set up and now I want to replicate in another guitar. How do I translate this card into metric system (mm)?
  3. luizhmax

    A question to those who have invested in vintage Centralab pots

    Would you still invest big bucks in a set of Centralab 500k C2 pots if they currently read below 500k? Most people who talk wonders about their centralab pots, always comment on how much above 500k they have drifted so I wonder if the magic would still be there if they have drifted into the...
  4. luizhmax

    Replacing the narrow 1 9/16" nut of my 1967 ES-355

    So I've just bought a 1967 ES-355 with the narrow nut of that period. Just for the sake of enhanced playability, is there any negative side in replacing it for a brand new nylon 1 11/16" nut? Not talking originality or devaluation... just the technical part of this conversion. Will it be a...
  5. luizhmax

    Custom LP '59 60th Anniversary also in 2020?

    hi, does anyone know if the current "Custom 60th anniversary 59 Les Paul" line will continue throughout 2020 or it ends in 2019? thanks

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