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  1. jojo

    NGD Gibson LP Axcess Custom Hardtail

    Very cool !
  2. jojo

    NGD. Pelham Blue P90's Classic

    Beautiful !
  3. jojo

    NGD 1986/87 Ebony Les Paul Standard

    Love it ! Grats
  4. jojo

    What's Your Favorite Speaker Cab

    My trusty Orange 4 x 12 w v 30’s is my current fave but I’m jonesing for a 2 or 4 x12 loaded w Greenbacks !
  5. jojo


    Love it !!! Looks killer ! Grats
  6. jojo

    NGD - Factory modded Standard 50s Gold Top

    Love it, Grats . I really dig those knobs.
  7. jojo

    Where are the Artists?

    Yea, have to wonder wtf OP is talking bout…plus a Jerry Cantrell LP and more to come…not a fan of sig models myself,they are releasing too many imo and are too much $ for me, but they sell out so….
  8. jojo

    New SG with BB3 in the bridge?

    ^ had that combo in an SG as well. Hated them . Very one dimensional and uninspiring. Also squealed. ( I play loud )
  9. jojo

    NGD: Another Wildwood S2

    Very beautiful !!!
  10. jojo

    NGD: EVH Relic

    Cool !!!
  11. jojo

    NGD Gibson Flying V

    Wow !!! Grats !!! I love it .
  12. jojo

    Why All different NUT materials ???

    Def not the brass ones that were failing in less than 2 years ;)
  13. jojo

    NGD. Gibson Les Paul Special (Raven)

    Love it
  14. jojo

    NGD! Near mint 1970/early 71 Les Paul Custom

    Beautiful!!!! Grats !
  15. jojo

    My New 2021 Goldtop sucks…

    Can’t comment on the nitro/chemicals used on the guitar as far as smell. Any vanilla smell is 100 % the case.

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