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  1. 58 special

    59 Rocky Mountain burst up at Willies

    Don't Know about guitar auctions. But lots of auction places take a cut from both buyers and sellers.
  2. 58 special

    Builds and pricing; a discussion..

    I've run an electrical business for 23 years. I learned early that you set your price high enough to stay only as busy as you want to be. If you price a job too high you don't get the job. Price jobs too low you'll never catch up to the work load. Find the happy medium.
  3. 58 special

    Ben Crowe gets his hands on a 1959 Les Paul Standard

    No greed fest If people pay the asking price that sets the market price if people ask a price and nothing sells price is to high. If you set your price to low, it sells fast, and is resold for market value. Also inflation is taking a good chuck of your $.
  4. 58 special

    What's on YOUR workbench right now?

    I thought making it out of styrofoam was your weight relief.
  5. 58 special

    Question for the Gibson vintage finish gurus..

    i recall in the vintage section some time ago there was a discussion of a white under the yellow ( grain filler??? ) on the TV yellow specials and juniors. Ps searching a little here tells me I'm not giving anybody here any new info.
  6. 58 special

    My first Gibson es-335. 1972 ?

    Embossed pick-up covers 1972 only
  7. 58 special

    Can this guitar be saved?

    Great video. i no longer see the mods as a negative. looks to me like she has enjoyed that guitar for nearly 69 years I'm certain nobody here can claim that about any guitar they own.
  8. 58 special

    Can this guitar be saved?

    Fits in with the rest of the picture. Look at the guitar. She must have been thinking "I've modified t the crap out of the guitar. Now what can I do about this ugly brow case." I guess she could just change the lining to yellow and use it for a custom.
  9. 58 special

    Can this guitar be saved?

    Also value in the case, as the asking price for them is ridiculously high now.
  10. 58 special

    Case for 50s Junior?

    My 58 SC special has fit perfectly well in in a 5 latch Lifton csae for 63 years.
  11. 58 special

    58 Les Paul Special pots

    also all original 58 First time I've opened any cavities on my guitar. Centralab date code 143738 BA211-1053 500K-02 Was very nervous about connection and stiff wires while moving the pot around to get pics. 58 special SCTV yellow serial# 8-3105
  12. 58 special

    Check out this old LP!

    The neck close to the headstock looks funny, almost as if the volute has been shaved off.
  13. 58 special

    Check out this old LP!

    I Knew the smart guys would chime in
  14. 58 special

    Check out this old LP!

    My limited knowledge has got me confused with this one. No volute unless its been shaved off. Somebody with more knowledge than me will figure out exactly what you have.
  15. 58 special

    Check out this old LP!

    Maybe 71 not 61. Only one or two 1961 non SG style Les Paul's. Embossed serial# is later. Ink stamped would be what older guitars had. I think I can make out the 3 piece neck, but that might be a reflection . I think that is a Norlin era guitar. Very nice looking guitar by the way. Is there a...
  16. 58 special

    Kill me! The defiling of a '54 GT

    Only $16,999 over priced
  17. 58 special

    Hendrix and a Les paul?? What did we miss

    I'm sure I've seen pics with a tv yellow SC special
  18. 58 special

    Ok..who is buyin the real 59's?

    Still have value in a zombie invasion. Could be used to club them over the head.
  19. 58 special

    '52 Goldtop survives tornado, just...It's just a scratch!

    remindes me of monty python "i'm not dead yet" & "just a flesh wound"
  20. 58 special

    Would You Get This Touched Up? 1960 TV Yellow Special

    Don't think he was questioning the assessment. Just asking a general consensus on a minor flaw that bothered him. I think he has changed his outlook, after the general opinion was to leave it alone.

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