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  1. Thomas/Sweden

    '59 Les Paul and Marshall

  2. Thomas/Sweden

    What Is The 1959 Les Paul Sound?

  3. Thomas/Sweden

    1960 Les Paul Standard at Emerald City Guitars.

    No affiliation, I just think it sounds pretty nice.
  4. Thomas/Sweden

    Brian Ray Collection '57 GT, '59 Burst, etc.

    Very nice '59 burst featured. Brian spent 14 years as guitarist and musical director for Etta James, and over 17 years splitting both guitar and bass duties for Sir Paul McCartney. Over the course of his 40 plus year career, Brian has amassed an incredible collection of some of the world’s...
  5. Thomas/Sweden

    Bursts at CME

    Might as well post this one too, no affiliation.
  6. Thomas/Sweden

    "Sandy" at Guitar Shop Taiwan

    No affiliation but nice pics and video. Original 1959 Gibson Les Paul Standard 9-1228 "Sandy" being played at a guitar shop in Taiwan.
  7. Thomas/Sweden

    1959 Les Paul Standard at Emerald City Guitars

    No affiliation.
  8. Thomas/Sweden

    '58, '59, '60 Bursts and R9 Comparison

    "In this video Simon Karlsson and I compare a 2008 Gibson Les Paul 1959 Reissue R9 to three original Bursts from 1958, 1959 and 1960 which all are pretty different but all mind blowing instruments. The 1960 (early 1960 so 59 specs) being the greatest instrument I have ever played."
  9. Thomas/Sweden

    A Tale of Two Bursts

    Bob and Ramon show jamming and comparing bursts.
  10. Thomas/Sweden

    The Richrath Burst

    For sale at Lucky Fret. No affiliation...
  11. Thomas/Sweden

    Bernie Marsden and The Beast

    The latest video of Bernie Marsden playing The Beast Les Paul.
  12. Thomas/Sweden

    9-2229 "The son of a preacher man" burst

    No affiliation but nice to hear.
  13. Thomas/Sweden

    '59 burst playing

    Sounds pretty nice.
  14. Thomas/Sweden

    Montrose Les Paul

    Which LP is Ronnie using here, the '58 burst was stolen prior to this show right?
  15. Thomas/Sweden

    Bernie Marsden at GP, burst content.

    No affiliation.
  16. Thomas/Sweden

    Kirk Hammett Interview, Greeny Content

    Greeny the way she looked during Gary Moore's tour of Japan 1983:
  17. Thomas/Sweden

    '60 burst at Norm's

    With Jason Sinay. No affiliation.
  18. Thomas/Sweden

    1960 Standard owned by Ed King

    Nice tone.
  19. Thomas/Sweden

    Stormburst - Say You Will (video)

    We did a video for the song "Say You Will" off our debut album, Stormburst - Raised On Rock.
  20. Thomas/Sweden

    Les Paul flametop reissue (pre-historic) plastics

    I have read Mike Slubowski's articles and they're interesting but I still wonder which years the plastics on the back were brown. I have seen a 1986 in dark CHSB with the black covers.

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