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  1. jojo

    70's Orange pics only OR 80 !

    I've been wanting one of these for years ! Pics only OR 80. I had a 74 OR 120, but I really like this one better. VERY versatile , takes pedals well. Has great cleans and can get pretty knarly too ! Got an excellent deal on it and couldn't pass it up.
  2. jojo

    Laney LA30BL

    Anyone else interested in these ?! A 30 watt version of the LA100BL which is a recreation of Tony Iommi's old amps. This 30 watt version has 2 EL34's ! I may have to get one, I've been wanting to get another lower wattage amp. More info here :
  3. jojo

    Some jams from my instrumentalpsyche band

    Some freejams from my heavy instrumental psyche band Skydröul . This is more mellow than some of our stuff and I used my strat which I normally don't play. It's one jam broke into 2. Strat into a 74 Sunn Model T amp.
  4. jojo

    NGD Electrical Guitar Company Tyranny aluminum guitar !

    I played a used model like this in a local guitar store and loved it, but someone bought it in 3 minutes when they listed it on reverb before I could buy it.It was silver w P 90's tho. I contacted Kevin at Electrical Guitar Company about building me one in black anodized w humbuckers. It arrived...
  5. jojo

    NGD Thx to Kris 77 LP Standard !

    Traded my 75 Orange OR 120 to Kris for his 77 LP. What a cool dude and amazing guitar !! I don't have a camera that does this guitar justice and I haven't put it down long enough anyway lol. I have plenty of amps and when Kris offered the LP for trade I had to jump on it ! This LP is older than...
  6. jojo

    NAD: Matamp White

    Picked up this 1972 Matamp White !!! Just an amazing amp ! Dark, loud, with that Matamp growl !! I also have a GTO 120 and they both just rule.
  7. jojo

    Pentagram - Curious Volume

    Victor Griffin kills !!! Saw em live last year. GREAT LIVE. Killer les paul player ! New record ain't bad !
  8. jojo

    NGD 91 Wine Red LP Custom

    Got my first custom today !!! Picked it up from my local Sam Ash for a great price IMO. It's in players condition, which is cool w me. I love it, plays and sounds great !!!
  9. jojo

    Nvad !!! O)))

    New Vintage Amp Day ! Actually I bought this for $500 a few months ago. It needed alot of new caps and all new tubes. Due to some personal stuff, it took my tech 3 months. It's a 75 Sunn 2nd Gen Model T. My buddy stripped the ugly old tolex off and painted it for me. I have a 74 first gen that's...
  10. jojo

    Nad or 15 !

    Picked this up yesterday for home use ! LOVE it so far ! Untitled by jjg2007, on Flickr
  11. jojo

    Some mods for my R4

    Finally got around to doing some mods to my r4. Installed some dimarzio P 90 sized super distortions ! I wasn't jiving with the P -90's. My band plays REALLY loud and they just were too outta control at that volume. The SD's are great. Real classic rock sounding and middy.
  12. jojo

    NGD -Les Paul trad plus

    Just picked this 2010 trad plus up the other day. Perfect in everyway. Some crappy phone pics :
  13. jojo

    New Forum member from Dallas

    Hey from dallas. Just picked up a 97 R4 goldtop. I've been lurking for awhile and finally decided to join. I rock this baby very loudly :dude:

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