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    Gibson Les Paul Traditional

    Hello. I am thinking about purchasing a 2020 Gibson Les Paul Traditional. Do you guys have any experience and thoughts about this particular guitar? Thanks for your help.
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    Anybody love for Rickenbacker guitars here?

    Hello everybody. Any one like Rickenbackers? I just purchased a 2008 Rickenbacker 330 in Mapleglo. I wished I had bought one all those years ago. It seemed that the majority of players played Strats,Teles and Les Pauls only. To me the Rickenbackers seemed like an acquired taste if you will...
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    Happy Holidays

    Just wanted to say Happy Holidays to all. Lets all have health happiness and guitars next year! :beer:
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    Happy New Year to all

    Happy New year everybody. Let us all have good health and prosper in the upcoming year! :cheers2:

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