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    Les paul modifications

    Thank you for sharing! that's a great story. I lived in Jersey for 5 years and it's really one of the best places I've lived.
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    Les paul modifications

    I was given a gorgeous Flame Blueburst Epiphone LP that sounded like it had a sock stuffed in the pups. Some new Seymour Duncans and it's a killer. I've owned a Gibson LP that wasn't half the guitar that this one is. My "want" for a "real" LP has disappeared since the new pickups. Of course I...
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    What pickups are in your Les Pauls ?

    I actually have a set of Jay Turser random humbuckers in there at the moment. I put the Epiphone humbuckers in my Jay Turser guitar to hopefully give it some more Sales potential because I'm thinning out my collection and really didn't like the pickups in my LP anyway. So hopefully that'll give...
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    Most versatile tube amp?

    I haven't played a new one in over 20 years, but if I remember correctly the Peavey Classic 30, I'm pretty sure Fender Cleans and Marshall gain was the goal when they were designing that circuit. I also remember reading Eddie Van Halen was so impressed by it he tapped that project lead to work...
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    Les Pauls you’ve SOLD? And why?

    My first Gibson was also my last. It was a 2012 Faded Cherry LP Studio. Snagged it used for $450. It sounded okay, but I knew in my heart it wouldn't be the LP I take with me into "ever after." Bought it in Danvers, MA Guitar Center and ended up trading it, even trade, for a Japanese Mustang...
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    Faded Les Paul Love thread!

    Been playing almost 20 years. Finally got my first Gibson. Holy crap what took me so long? I don't want one of my first posts to be bragging about the deal i got on it. So i won't, but easily the coolest feeling guitar I've ever owned. Sounds awesome through my HD500.
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    LP Studio Worn with 4 Piece Body -- Worth Returning?

    My studio faded is a 2 piece back. I know I'm not helping the general "cheer up dude" vibe everyone's trying to push, but all the same I'd love it if it was 4.

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