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  1. bobsessed

    Ugliest. Paul. EVER!

    I'd hope it sounds and feels good, and play it. But I'd never buy it.
  2. bobsessed

    Which do you prefer for blues

    You will never regret getting a 335. I put it off for 40 years, and now it's my favorite.
  3. bobsessed

    Whats your all time favorite guitar pick ? Pick as in plectrum

    .73 (yellow) Tortex FINS!
  4. bobsessed

    What's your Les Paul neck preference?

    It should be attached to a Les Paul, and be playable.
  5. bobsessed

    Let’s talk “good wood era”

    After more than 50 years playing guitar, and having owned many very "good" ones, I have settled on a few that speak to me in special ways. One was made in 1980, one in 2000, one in 1999.....and there are a few more. None are Gibson or Fender. One of those was made in Korea and cost about $400...
  6. bobsessed

    Is there a big difference between tape and digital delay?

    Sorry.....I have to repeat.....Unless you have Eric Johnson's dog-like hearing, there is no difference.
  7. bobsessed

    On the lighter side, shipping

    In the late 80's I had a pawn shop that I always wished was a guitar store. I bought new import guitars and the company they came from used UPS. Well, I quit buying from them when they refused to ship any other way. I received 5 guitars (in a couple of different shipments) with their necks...
  8. bobsessed

    Does your Les Paul keep changing size?

    Look at that now famous picture of Buddy Holly holding his first looks tiny. Same with John Mayer, for whatever reason, he also makes a Strat look small. For some reason I seem to notice this about other people's Strats. My Lester types look small when I hold them, but look normal...
  9. bobsessed

    2012 LP R9 with white serial !?? Please help :)

    whoa.....wait......uh, binding notch? I've never seen that before. Who sells T-shaped binding?
  10. bobsessed

    Wildwood Tom Murphy Painted Worth the Upcharge?

    Paying more just because "someone great at it" painted it, is, in my humble opinion, nuts. Of course it is your money. I've been buying, selling, and playing guitars for 45 years and I now know that one should probably not spend a lot of money for any musical gear, unless that piece brings you...
  11. bobsessed

    “Always on” delay pedal for les paul. Ideas please.

    If you want a great delay for stupid cheap, get a 20-year-old Ibanez Soundtank DD5. Plastic case with a steel plate in the bottom to make it feel more substantial, and 3 knobs. Kind of a one-trick pony, but a good trick it is. I got one for free around 1998, and I've come back to it many times...
  12. bobsessed

    What first started the need for a guitar in your life?

    My older sisters Elvis records around 1963. Then the Beatles came along and I was hooked. My parents got me a plastic guitar made by Emenee, and it could actually make guitar sounds in tune, but I wanted more. In 1966, a teenager in my neighborhood got a brand-new Stratocaster in Dakota red. To...
  13. bobsessed

    Gibson Exclusives Collection - who needs olive drab?

    An electric guitar, like a sports car, should be bright.....maybe a little flashy. A few years ago, the rhythm guitarist in our band had a Yamaha (Drop 6?) in that rotten olive color. He liked to pretend to love it, but we both knew better. In my old age (63), I tend to select a guitar for it's...
  14. bobsessed

    Did i just ruin a nice guitar?

    Looks Great!
  15. bobsessed

    The pedal movie.....

    I've definitely got to watch it, and yes, probably buy more pedals.
  16. bobsessed

    Show some of your Marshall Amps(stock or modded or Clones)

    Here's an '07 Marshall 2266 50-watt Vintage Modern, with a Tall Vintage cab. Can anyone see what's different about the cab?
  17. bobsessed

    Do you believe in owning a Second "Beater" Guitar?

    Yes. I also believe you should own the nicest guitar you can afford. And everything in between. 55 years of guitar ownership have taught me that you should find a guitar (or two, or three), that you find makes you play for hours....And keep it. It can be a cheap Squier or a $5k Lester. It does...
  18. bobsessed

    My finger bleeding!!!

    Don't do that. Cyanoacrylate glue is highly carsenogenic, and you'll get cancer sooner or later.
  19. bobsessed

    Which top do you like better?

    Both fantastic... I could never choose!......Okay, no. 1.
  20. bobsessed

    New Guitar (Broken Headstock)

    In the early 90s I had a pawn shop, and I "specialized" in guitars. I bought lots of guitars that UPS broke the necks on. I don't like UPS. My wife recently bought an antique cake stand off the Etsy site, and UPS delivered a box of pink, milk-glass sand. I don't like UPS.

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