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    Vintage lp potentiometer hole placement

    Hi guys on my latest build, the pot hole placement doesn't look right. I think the plans used modern dimensions. I'm going to plug and redrill, but I'm wondering if anyone has the correct measurents/dimensions for the hole placement? All the images I've found online won't blow up to let me see...
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    Is it safe plugging with dowel?

    Gonna simplify this question as thw last time I tried to get ananswer it went way off topic.. Converting from a nashville bridge back to an abr, is it safe to plug the holes in the top/body with vertical gained maple dowel instead of cutting horizontal grained msple plugs? Apart from...
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    Opinions.... what should I do with this?

    What do you guys reckon I should do with this top? I was thinking about trying to even the colour out with a light stain up the middle then an unburst. Opinions? (Dont bother saying paint it a solid colour)
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    Plugging nashville tom holes

    Hey guys whilst refinishing my lester im hoping to convert from a nashville to an abr bridge. Just wondering about the maple plugs needed for the job. Is there anywhere I can buy some? I don't have access to a lathe to make my own OR can I just use vertical grained dowel rod...
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    Wtb cheap gibby

    What you guys got? Basket cases or broken necks are fine by me. Must be a genuine gibson. Prefer les paul standard but would consider others
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    How do you know you've sprayed enough clear?

    Is there anyway to tell weather you have put enough clear top coats on q guitar? From a rattle can I usually get 5 coats on a les paul and use 2 full cans, so about 10 coats overall. Is that about normal? Reason I ask is that ive recently been told I should be spraying a minimum of 5 cans...
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    Arghhh catastrophe

    Arghhhh in the very last seconds of my final colour shot the can started spitting and spat all over the guitar face.... any ways to fix this? (Behlen nitrocellulose lacquer toners)
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    Opinions please.

    Hey guys. Always wanted a darkburst like the perry burst, 9 0663. Never found one close enough within my budget so I decided to spray paint my own. I used Behlen/mohawk starcast amber and encore brown. Have not applied clear yet as I still have to scrape the binding. Problem is, even the...
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    Behlen vinyl sanding sealer over binding/overlay

    Hey guys anyone know if I can spray Behlen vinyl sanding sealer over binding and plastic headstock overlays? Will it stick to them just like the raw wood?
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    Question regarding acetone stripping

    Hi guys after stripping a nitro les paul with acetone do I have to do anything to the body before refinishing? Im concerned residual acetone in the wood might effect the new coats?
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    Wtb: les paul standard under a grand

    Hi guys in the next 2 weeks ill be in the market for a cheap standard. Under a grand I know wont get me much, but with 2 young kids and a disabled wife its all I can afford. Happy to settle with neck repairs or harware and finish issues. Preferably a sunburst but then again beggers can't be...
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    Best lp for abour a grand.

    Hey guys ive been playing with mij lps and a few post 1970 gibsons for years now but im trying to cut down my collection and I need just one solid gigging les paul for pub gigs and so on. My question is what's the best bang for buck lp under about a grand? I was thinking about a precision...
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    Refinish over danish oil

    Hey guys ive got tge option to purchase a good lp for a good price but its been refinished in danish oil. Im not a fan of oil finishes and would want to hit it with some nitro. Im sure I can coat the Danish oil with a barrier coat of shellac, but is it necessary? Could I sand off tge danish oil?
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    White spots in nitrocellulose

    Hey guys about 3 weeks after I finished respraying my lp in 1940's formula nitro it deceloped hundreds of little white spots all over yhe back and sides. Im assuming its moisture from the wood trapped under the nitro and I must not have let it dry long enough before putting coats on. My...
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    Modding a pignose 7-100

    Hey guys ive build several tube amps and pedals and am now turning my attention to my pignose testing amp. I get sick of forking out for batteries and the wall wart ps being ungrounded causes terrible hum in my home. Just wondering has anyone ever converted one to strictly mains power via...
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    Rough neck mid spray job

    Hey guys im in the process of refinishing my number one lp. Ive put down 5 coats of nitro today and was planning on putting down another 5 tomorrow but I just realized ive got a rough spot that I must have missed in the sanding process towards the headstock. Its actually really quite bad, dont...
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    nitrocellulose from prills?

    just curious if anyone has made high quality nitro from prills before? I can get prills far cheaper then nitro lacquer and as far as I know its just a matter of soaking them in acetone and its suppose to ge better then store bought stuff. Any ideas?
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    Refinish to show more flame?

    Hi guys this is my 1978 Greco eg1200. Pancake body and 3 piece neck. solid flame maple cap and It's got a typical Japanese poly finish which is in poor condition. I've been thinking about refinishing it in nitro for awhile now, but I'm wondering if there's anyway I can really get the flame to...
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    There are no stupid questions... Only stupid people

    Hey guys, probably a dumb question but here goes... I've got the option to purchase a 2010 les Paul studio. Nice guitar but it's got the brownish mahogany top, not a maple cap. Is it possible to refinish the top to make it look more Amber/yellow, more like a standard? Or will the mahogany...
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    Wtb: mij lp

    Anyone got anything they want to part with? Maybe something like a late 70's early 80's sunburst Greco eg500?

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