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  1. cwness

    To a few of the Anti gun crowd. Put or shut up.

    I've been reading here from a few of the Anti gun (River and Poncho to name a few) that us Pro Gunners want EVERYONE to have guns even ones that it's ILLEGAL for them to have one. Well it's time to step up with your proof. Please post where we have said this. Posts saying that people...
  2. cwness

    More Back Ground checks the real truth

    When you say why are you against more back ground checks I say that it's not about checks it's about transfer. Read the new back ground checks that they want. It has nothing to do with checks but TRANSFERS. Here's how it works. With the new background checks if a friend you know comes over...
  3. cwness

    Guns to help the hungry.

    There's been all this negative talk about guns from the anti-gun gang and they truly show they know nothing about guns but what their fearless leaders tell them which is a pack of lies. Well here's a positive story. Our sportmans club in connection with the GFP (Game, Fish, And Parks) has...
  4. cwness

    10mm shootout!!!

    Ok this weekend my friends brought their 10mm's out and we all got to shoot each one. The list included a Colt (Delta Elite) S&W (1006, and 1076), Dan Wesson, Kimber(Stainless Target II and Eclipse),STI, Glock and 2 revolvers. S&W 610 and a Ruger. First off I'll say that the 10mm has some...
  5. cwness

    Walking Dead Prediction for tonight. 3-10-13

    OK you saw it here first. Merle saves the day with Glenn. It's the only way Merle will be accepted by the group. So watch as Merle saves the day. Andrea continues to piss everyone of by unknowingly setting up Rick. Rick still is in a daze and falls for the we only wan to talk trick. CW
  6. cwness

    I'm back Dennisthetruckdriver chrome stopped page 3

    I'm reading the thread and get to page 3 and chrome stops the page warning of malware due to latenight with jimmy fallon link warning that it's know for having malware. Anyone else get this warning? CW
  7. cwness

    An untapped resource for getting new member in a band.

    Last Thanks giving I met a couple Korean Exchange students at friends place I had dinner at. They were staying at their place while there for the year. They were both music and theater majors. One thing led to another and talked turned to music and I invited them out to a practice. They...
  8. cwness

    Ballistics Test 2112 on Shooting Gallery

    I watched this on Wed. night and thought you guys might like this to compare the different calibers. They have it up on their web sight now so take a look and tell me what you think. I just went to watch it and it only shows the 380. I hope they put up the rest. If you have the Outdoor...
  9. cwness

    Chicago not going to send officers too 911 calls.

    If your a criminal start packing up to move to Chicago they have just made it even more criminal friendly. Get robbed or car stolen calling 911 is just wasting your time. Here's a link to the story. Chicago police will no longer respond to all 911 calls | Fox News Video CW
  10. cwness

    Do you remember how to play songs you played years ago?

    This past weekend we got asked to play songs we hadn't done since 75. One was an old Nazareth tune called Razamonaz. I can't remember where my keys are most of the time so I looked up the words on my phone and we decided to give it a try. Played the whole think like we'd been playing it...
  11. cwness

    3 people just unfriended you click here to see who.

    OK I'm on YouTube listening to a song and that pops up at the bottom. I have to ask and maybe one of you can tell me. How can someone unfriend me when I don't belong to Face Book or any other sights like it. I'm totally devastated and I don't think people should be ruining my day like that. CW
  12. cwness

    What guitar solo's do you love to play and don't get tired of?

    In my 40 years there are some solo's I never get tired of playing. It's just a joy for me to play them. Here are some of my top solo's that I never get tired of. Jethro Tull -Aqualung is one of the first and have played it since I started. Almond Brothers - Ramblin Man and Jessica. REO...
  13. cwness

    How do you know a Fart has staying Power.

    Last night I went to the folks to help my dad with a project he was doing and have supper. As usual the dogs were with me. I put them in the garage and went into help my dad. He went up stairs and out to the garage to get a drill and came back said one of my dogs must have pooped in the...
  14. cwness

    Why wasn't David Gregory arrested for ilegally have high capicity mag.

    NBC newman was in possesion of ilegal high capicity mag let off. It's illegal to have one in DC but it seems he's getting away. But we need more laws? Enforce the ones we have and don't show bias to the liberal news. David Gregory's on-air 'gun control' stunt sparks outrage from NRA...
  15. cwness

    Rock'n Xmas night

    As we've done for the past couple decades a bunch of us musicians for town and ones that only come back for Xmas get together and we jam. We start with Xmas songs and invite the families out kids and parents. We play Xmas songs for about an hour and let everyone join in. I'm usually stuck...
  16. cwness

    Mini-ETUNE at Gibson site.

    I just saw this a wonder if anyone has tied one and how well does it work? Here's a link to what I'm talking about. Min-ETune? | Gibson® Guitar - Automatic Tuning System CW
  17. cwness

    Hotels door lock trouble

    Theifs have figure out how to get into most hotel rooms. Just a warning in case your traveling with your guitars. Don't leave them in the room!! Watch the vid it explains it all. Rossen Reports: New device lets crooks crack many hotel locks - TODAY News CW
  18. cwness

    Great Customer Service at Dean Markley strings

    Last week Sentry posted a customer service post. I had an issue with my Blue Steel Dean Markley strings. I posted and said I would let you know how it went. Let me start by saying I got the strings from Sweetwater and know they would have taken care of me but thought the manufacture should...
  19. cwness

    Wild Hogs moving north Pic added.

    Front page of the paper today someone shot a 290 pound wild hog. Second one in 2 weeks. Thing had pretty long hair on it also so it's been here a while. Here I thought they just live in the southern US. Must be so many down south they have to move north. CW You have to love the front...
  20. cwness

    Gun Talk Radio

    It's on every Sunday 1pm-4pm central time. I'm listening right now. Tom Gresham hosts it and you can call in also. Here's a link to listen online. All kinds of great info and you can listen and surf. Live Streaming : Tom Gresham's Gun Talk Radio Show : High Powered Talk Radio CW Edit: I...

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