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    Raising Grain on Ash

    Guys I'm helping a friend restore a vintage Trident mixing console. I'm doing the wood part of the restore. I've got everything stripped (poly sucks!) and am attempting to raise the great in preparation for a wash coat followed by grain filling. I've wet the wood five or six times followed...
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    Grain Filler Expiration

    I asked this question in another thread but I feel like it probably deserves its own thread. I found an unused five year old can of Lawrence McFadden oil-based grain filler in my garage. At first I was excited because I could use it on my current build. Then ?I thought about it wondering if...
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    Let's finish this sucker!

    After being very active on this board a few years ago I had to put a halt on my builds as I ended up relocating. I now have some time to start finishing up. I've posted on a couple of other threads with the guitar I'm finishing up. Right now I'm positioning the bridge for intonation. I have a...
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    Look What I Just Unearthed

    I've been saving these for a special build and this is it. I know I got one of the last sets, if not the last set, ever shipped. Getting these was a bit of a fiasco but I'm really excited to finally use them. I mounted the pickups and tailpiece tonight and strung it up. I've got a compensated...
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    How do you line up tuners?

    I got some TonePros Klusons. It's time to fit the tuners so I can get the bridge installed. I've checked a bunch of images on Google and it seems like there really isn't a method to the madness. The little horns on each tuner do not line up in most of the images. I'm curious what you guys...
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    How Did You Learn to Shoot a Burst?

    So I've almost got this lovely build to the point where it's ready for finish. I'm thinking a nice Stanleyburst would be great. I'm trying to figure out if I should send this one out or try to shoot it myself. If I try to spray myself I figure I need to practice. I've watched a bunch of vids but...
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    Mahogany Filler

    Long time no see folks. I finally have time to work on some of the builds I started. I've been binding a nice Lester the last few days. I dripped some Weld-On over the end-grain and tore a little chunk of wood out getting rid of it. I've heard I can mix some sawdust with fish glue and fill...
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    Where's BFCG?

    I hope Bill's ok. I've tried to get in touch with him a couple of times. Maybe someone here can help. I received a kit from Bill but wasn't able to complete it because I bought a house and needed to step back and do some remodeling. Unfortunately when I finally had time to bind the body I...
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    Wow some cool things have happened on this forum.

    Having just returned from a long absence I noticed the following: 1. Cool new kits being offered by George M. 2. Bartlett's new offerings, especially the neck. 3. Bartlett/Melkersson guitar. 4. A bunch of new (old) build threads. 5. A lot of the old guard has stuck around. I have the...
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    Any difference between the cheap LP pickguards (stuff that will fit a USA Standard) sold on a myriad of parts sites and the expensive vintage copies Gibson puts out? The thing I'm most interested in is the distance between pickups.
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    A little love for BCRGreg

    I've sung his praises before but I will sing them again. Greg and his employee Victoria took great care of me today when I was ordering parts for my build (which will be resuming tonight for those who care). Awesome service, advice and a great price for MLP members. I hope all of you consider...
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    What to do with my headstock. VOTE!

    I took a little time off my build. I've had the holly for quite some time so I decided to put the veneer on the peghead. It's 3/32" thick. When I had it on I noticed that one of the corners was out of wack. I guess someone passing through the garage must have dropped the neck or...
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    A tip for the liquid hide glue

    I have some Tightbond Liquid Hide Glue that I've used once before. It was tough to work with because it would come out like a gel even after placing it in hot water. Anyway I decided to boil a pot of water and then put the hide glue in for a few minutes. I then removed the pot and proceeded...
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    So I got a package from WB pickups on Saturday....

    I'm giddy. I got the Hot Vintage Tuned PAF's. Thanks Will! Next up a package from BCRGreg with my wiring kit, bridge, tailpiece, tuners, etc...... Wahooo! I will soon have all the parts I need to complete my build.
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    What to do when your binding job doesn't go well.

    I attempted to do the binding last night. I use the Weld On glue that Stew Mac sells for the job. I would have used ex nihilo's binding bits mixed with acetone glue but I already had the Stew Mac stuff. I only bound to the cutaway so the binding job isn't complete. When I pulled off the tape...
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    Sign off on my top contour

    Keep in mind this body is somewhere between a Stew Mac and a Catto. Not everything works out perfectly when I use the Stew Mac contours so I had to alter things a bit. Special thanks to ex-nihilo for letting me poach his ideas, especially the carve between the pickup switch and the neck.. The...
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    HVLP System

    I was surfing Woodcrafts site yesterday and found this: Buy HVLP Spray System, HVLP Spray System, HVLP Sprayers - It seems like a pretty good deal for an HVLP setup. I went into the store today and they didn't have one. However the sales associate happened to own one. He said...
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    About Tapering the fingerboard

    I'm getting close to performing this operation. I am going to make an acrylic template for routing the taper but my questions revolve around allowing for the binding. 1. What size binding is used on most builds? I have the Stew Mac .040, and .060, sizes available. 2. Once I have the taper...
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    My Curved Truss Rod Channel Jig

    The thing I've been worried about the most in my build is cutting a curved truss rod channel. I've considered using a dual action rod which is much easier to install but I wanted to have a go at a carving the channel for a vintage rod. Keep in mind there are folks on here who have used a vintage...
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    Is this enough of a truss rod curve?

    I'm building a jig to cut the curved truss rod channel. I created this curve by bowing the truss rod and tracing the outline. Is this enough of a curve? The vertical lines mark frets. Starting from left to right you have the 1st, 11th, and 16th frets.

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