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  1. Mahoot

    '78 Deluxe with P90's

    Thought I'd share this as I go along... I took a punt on this at an auction recently here in the UK. Arrived at my door about 30 mins ago and started the unboxing process. Gotta say that the packaging of this guitar is excellent. First impression is the case looks to be in great shape. I'll...
  2. Mahoot

    NGD 71 Goldtop Deluxe

    Happy day for me yesterday. Had this stunning 1971 Goldtop Deluxe delivered to my door. The age could be questionable but the reputable dealer I purchased it from acquired it from it's original owner. See in the pics the original warranty card with a purchase date of 6 1st 69'. Knowing what...
  3. Mahoot

    LP count a week ago '0'

    ...this week, 2. Stopped in at my new local guitar shop, Kenny's in Aberdeen for strings and a nose around and came out with this. Couldn't resist.
  4. Mahoot

    New boy with a Goldtop

    Merry Xmas everyone. My wife bought me this beauty for Xmas. She did ask me what I would like, and I of course said a Gibson LP Standard 50's Goldtop. Well she didn't let me down. I am a very happy fella today. This is my first Les Paul and I can't believe how good this is. What have I been...

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