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  1. sk8rat

    looking for specific live performance video

    someone posted a video somewhere on this forum (I want to say in the vintage section) a long time ago and I've been trying to find it again to no avail. it's an old black and white video from around the very late 50's or early 60's. If I recall correctly it was a a rock/blues performance, guitar...
  2. sk8rat

    you know that feeling when you make an expensive mistake

    well, you're right. coulda been a lot worse.
  3. sk8rat

    you know that feeling when you make an expensive mistake

    usually that is the case but not so much with this I think. replacing a part vs repairing isnt really a half step. I'm just an Idiot. I brought pillows to put under the door but didn't grab them out of the car. would have save me a lot of headache. I'm going to forget about it for now and...
  4. sk8rat

    you know that feeling when you make an expensive mistake

    I'm feeling it right now. I went to buy a new door for my car off of craigslist. guy had a low milage parts car and the door was mint. went to pull the door off and all the weight of the door is at the front so it immediately tilted and the bottom front corner hit the ground now I have two...
  5. sk8rat

    haven't cringed that hard in a while

    earlier today I was stopped at a red light about five or six cars behind a fairly new bmw coupe. I noticed a cloud of smoke. long story short, bmw driver was a kid probably no older than 20 and he was trying to do a burn out while stopped and instead was roasting his clutch the entire time. he...
  6. sk8rat

    Greta Van Zep 2.0?

    I bet if you asked the guy in the zeppelin shirt if they were an influence he would say he's never heard of them.
  7. sk8rat

    Pickup Truck with 4 Moving Parts

    "We’re not coming out with a 10% better pickup truck, we’re coming out with a 500% better pickup truck and it’s safer, it’s quieter and it’s fun to drive and it costs less to own.” and costs 500% more to repair.
  8. sk8rat

    COVID19-thread (Title change, Thread for serious info only).

    there are multiple types of supplemental testosterones out there. not all of them are what we think of when people say steroids i.e. being bought illegally and injected in the ass. what I am saying is it is very very common amongst people that age, especially those that lift weights to use some...
  9. sk8rat

    COVID19-thread (Title change, Thread for serious info only).

    nope, just using scientific data, observation and logic to come to a speculative conclusion rather than listening blindly to media scare tactics without looking into it more than reading the headline.
  10. sk8rat

    COVID19-thread (Title change, Thread for serious info only).

    you can be muscular, lean and still be unhealthy. regardless of if he was healthy or not. this guy is in his 40's, was extremely muscular and lost 50lbs in 6 weeks. yes he was sick, and that no doubt plays a role in the change he went through, but for someone that age to maintain that level of...
  11. sk8rat

    COVID19-thread (Title change, Thread for serious info only).

    this is where a lot of people are mistaken. being muscular and being healthy are not the same thing. on top of that, once you get older it's much easier to succumb to hypertrophy. also this guy was probably on some form of juice.
  12. sk8rat

    Poor, Poor Roger Waters...

    roger waters is a crotchety old bastard. no one wants to hear his new music. david gilmour made the right call. I'm starting to wonder. who is worse, roger waters, jack bruce or ginger baker as far as bandmate call outs go. fwiw, im sure this was calculated. he knew david would say no, then he...
  13. sk8rat

    The Ultimate Karen

    they should have told her that they left her money inside on the counter.
  14. sk8rat

    stolen identity

    I called my bank and they said it's happening to a crazy amount of people right now.
  15. sk8rat

    stolen identity

    can you read? my employers system got hacked. also they didn't steal my money. the stole my personal information and used that to apply for unemployment. this has nothing to do with me handing over my own information to scammers because that didn't happen. next time you're about leave a stupid...
  16. sk8rat

    RIP Fred Willard

    I was watching the simpsons earlier today and the last episode I watched was the one where fred willard did a guest spot and they had fake tickets for the super bowl.
  17. sk8rat

    Are Fender Players more Distinctive ?

    I would say this is partially correct. the gilmour one is true for the most part because he used a fuzz pedal so his signature sound is not the distinctive strat sound people like SRV and hendrix had. as for led zeppelin I, there are some songs that you can just tell. if you listen to the whole...
  18. sk8rat

    stolen identity

    someone filed for unemployment with my information. they hacked my works system and quite a few people got hit. now I am left with the task of getting this sorted because they didn't secure their system well enough. worst of all is they aren't even accepting responsibility for it. I asked for a...
  19. sk8rat

    2020 Cars are Fugly

    I almost pulled the trigger on an amg gla. imo one of the best small suv's out there. I just didnt want to deal with the high maintenance cost.
  20. sk8rat

    Bryan Adams

    the irony is that people think the opinion is the problem but its not. its the level of reaction. people get so worked up and cant seem to contain themselves. sports are a good comparison. level headed people can root for different teams and still interact but crazy people can't. get a few...

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