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  1. BadMongo

    NGD - '90 Greco SA-75

    I know it's not a single cut, but y'all know this is where we talk MIJ in on here :laugh2: This arrived yesterday - a 1990 Greco SA-75. I had an old MIK Epiphone Sheraton in college that I'd sold and I've wanted another proper semi-hollow ever since, was leaning toward a 335-style or one of...
  2. BadMongo

    Trying to move to silent practice - what am I missing?

    Hey everyone - hoping you can help me out here. Recently picked up an Ox Box for silent playing through headphones and maybe eventually do some recording. Couldn't be happier with it for just practicing, but I've been wanting to play along to albums and backing tracks again, preferably silently...
  3. BadMongo

    NGD/Humble Request: History of the History

    So I'm the new owner of the History RH/LS that y'all have seen a number of times at this point - much like a Motley Crue groupie from the '80s, she's been passed around a lot but she's finally ready to settle down. From what I can tell in my searches on here, I'm the 4th owner, and probably the...
  4. BadMongo

    Belated NGD - 1980 Greco EG500C

    This is about a month late but work and freelance have been kicking my ass lately and I haven't had the time - won the auction on this in mid-December and got it shipped last month to bypass some of the holiday Post Office chaos. After seeing some of the violin Grecos you fine folks have posted...
  5. BadMongo

    Help with a Burny tuner upgrade?

    So I recently acquired a Burny RLG-70, which would appear to be both Fuji-gen made and dated post 1996 - consensus seemed to be 1998 from the end of the Fuji Orville run. The tuners look fine, but some of them are damn stiff and sticky and clunky feeling and it doesn't stay in tune incredibly...
  6. BadMongo

    NGD: Burny RLG-70 Year/Factory Identification Help?

    I'd posted this at the end of the Unofficial Burny Official Anything thread, but I'm not sure if anyone actually reads that anymore so trying a new thread and deleting that post - apologies if this isn't kosher. So after decades of wanting a Les Paul, I finally got one - arrived yesterday. And...

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