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  1. kakao

    Protests in Eastern Russia

    Its interesting how media is barking about Russia ... looks like there are some issues with democracy there, as it was with many other countries in the past, where democracy is achieved by US military interventions. It would be great if they try the same with Russia .. but one can only try...
  2. kakao

    Eric Johnson "Virginia" Strat

    Ridiculous price for sure ..
  3. kakao

    COVID19-thread (Title change, Thread for serious info only).

    Like every other government in the world - what they want us to know! .
  4. kakao

    A Stratocaster?

    My Strat with a 1971 T-Top in the bridge position .. best of both worlds!
  5. kakao

    Australian Bush Fire Update

    What kind of preparation ...?!?
  6. kakao

    Australian Bush Fire Update

    Damn, it was 48.9 Celsius today at Penrith NSW .. the highest ever recorded here!
  7. kakao

    Lewis Hamilton and Valentino Rossi swap race seats

    Relaxed guys, both of them ..
  8. kakao

    Russians Banned From 2020 Tokyo Olympics

    I suggest a military option against Russia .. sooner the better!! .
  9. kakao

    Just picked up an '81 LPC.... have a few Qs

    Lovely instrument, congrats ..!
  10. kakao

    MotoGP in 2019 >spoiler<

    Quarta on pole, not sure why he couldn't do any better ..
  11. kakao

    Isis leader confirmed dead (again)

    This ISIS leader is like a cat with multiple lifes .. he was killed in the past at lest 6 times, as far as I remember.
  12. kakao

    Janis live 1963. What a treat.

    Thank you for sharing, its awesome ..!
  13. kakao

    "I Quit Smoking" - The 2020 edition.

    Quit July 2004 .. still very happy about it !!
  14. kakao

    FS: 1965 Gibson Byrdland ....Natural Florentine

    Lovely instrument for sure. Would you know what model pickups are in the guitar?
  15. kakao

    Big Title Defense= '74 Custom

    Such a load of garbage ..!
  16. kakao

    Gibson wants your Les Paul!

    Thank God for all the Norlin's that I have ...
  17. kakao

    NGD! 1987 Gibson SG Special in Vintage White

    Very nice geetar, congrats ..!
  18. kakao

    Ginger Baker critically ill.........

    This is very funny, indeed ...!

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