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    I'm shocked and amazed.

    I read most of your comments and wanted to make sure, as I don’t remember reading more than you wanting consistency in your guitars. But, thinking any manufacturer would be super consistent (or repeatable) in their builds would be difficult for me to expect, with my knowledge of who I’ve had to...
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    I'm shocked and amazed.

    Red, I agree with mrblooze’s comment. I’m sure you’re looking for that consistency, too. Mass production has never been overly-consistent. Consumers should not let themselves be led into thinking that consistency in production can be achieved without costs having a say. I, personally, think that...
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    NGD: 2021 Standard 50s Heritage Cherry

    Nice setup. Welcome to the group!
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    Reason Some YouTube Players Stay on YouTube

    Not knowing Stevie T, other than what videos I’ve seen from his YT channel: he strikes me a someone that is already being paid and managed to produce YT videos. I haven’t explored his YT channel, nor do I care to.I doubt that Stevie T is doing much more than making a video to attract his sub to...
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    Need help identifying this Epiphone Les Paul - Real or Fake?

    That’s a Kahler trem probably built for Gibson. I own one of the Epi LP OBL models. They must not have been just made for Sam Ash, unless Sam Ash was in bed with Guitar Center, back then. There were something like four or five of the same guitar in the store where I purchased mine. I liked the...

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