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    NTD. Most awesome fret press ever

    Just a drop of thin super glue should do the trick !! Cheers Andrew
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    How to clean up super glue spill in refrigerator

    Get a new fridge or Wife/girlfriend. Messed up kitchen stuff is the quickest way to ww3. If your desperate to get it off your going to have to sand it back and polish it up , same way as finishing a guitar, probably not worth the hassle? Cheers Andrew
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    2003 Les Paul Ground Issue

    I think you've got a normal pickupbuzz. If the noise is a higher pitched buzz then it's normal for most pickups and if it goes away when you touch the strings/tailpiece then your ok. If it's a low pitched 50/60Hz buzz then thats more an earthing problem although that might change with...
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    Sanding beam source?

    I generally use these I've got a long one and the 11 inch one (which is good for general fret work) I've also got an old stanley 2 foot spirit level which i've had for 40 years. cheers Andrew
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    Sanding beam source?

    Guitar and woods Cheers Andrew
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    Carve top..

    Cut the rattle off and sell it to a bluegrass mandolin player. There seems t obe some kind of mojo about having one more rattle in their mandolins !!! Cheers Andrew I had had an experience a few years ago where my cat was poking around in the herb patch and had noticed something. I had a look...
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    Carve top..

    Those long thin drills are remarkably flexible when drilling. I normally guide them by hand holding on to the drill while bending during the drilling process using a battery powered drill, you can guide the drill to go where it won't go by drilling in a straight line. Cheers Andrew
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    Can someone explain this (acoustic set up)

    If you start with the nut and it's filed low and the neck is bent forward, as soon as you straighten the neck you've got a good chance of bottoming out on the first fret when you tighten the truss rod. Always leave a little extra height on the nut slots and finish cutting the slots after all...
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    Can someone explain this (acoustic set up)

    If you've got a lot of neck relief and you straighten the neck the action will drop down quite a bit. Always adjust the saddle after sorting out any neck problems as you might need to shim it to raise the action, also make sure you've got a bit of a curve on the top as if it's too dry the top...
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    Can someone explain this (acoustic set up)

    Check the neck straghtness hi E string pressed on first fret and 12/14 fret ,you should have a little relief under 7-9 fret about 0.25 - 0.5 mm then check the action and adjust to taste by raising (shims) or lowering the bridge saddle (sanding). All adjustments should be made with strings at...
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    Should work fine. Most of the tailpieces have standard dimensions. Cheers Andrew
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    Swamp ash body with insect marks... PLEASE HELP!

    It looks like wood !! I'd send it back ;) Cheers Andrew
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    Centralab pots make a difference, WOW.

    There's a bit of difference between drift (the carbon material getting old and crumbly ) and wearing out which is usually what happens to old pots as the wiper wears on the carbon track. Those RS pots were usually pretty crappy even when new but were all we could get in England in the 60's I...
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    Centralab Pots in 1950s ES-175s, why the pot cans?

    To be honest I don't think in a guitar factory environment tone has much influence over construction elements (i'll wait for the barrage of comments from viewers that think / know otherwise) I must say those cans are a pain to work with but they do the job, I saw a while ago a d armond wiring...
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    Centralab Pots in 1950s ES-175s, why the pot cans?

    Screening and keeps the dust out, a lot of crap ends up inside acoustics. Cheers Andrew
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    Dead neck pickup

    Turn all the controls full up, switch the selector onto lead and measure the dc resistance between case of the pot and the opposite side to the earth connection on the pot far right leg with legs pointing up from behind you should get 7 -10k ohms on the resistance reading. Cheers Andrew By...
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    Gibson SG bridge issue

    You could put some masking tape around the post and pull it out with the bushing. Unscrew the post from the bushing after you've pulled it out and glue the bushing back in with epoxy or medium super glue. Cheers Andrew
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    Precision Junior Neck Removal

    It Looks like you've got a pretty low action there and the bridge can go up or down. It looks ok to me. If you want to get that neck off, because you've no lacquer there you can use an infra red lamp on both sides of the guitar to get the joint hot and run some water and alcohol into the joint...
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    About decals....

    Give the decal an airbrush with this stuff Microscale Industries Micro Liquid Decal Film Should stop your decals crazing. Cheers Andrew
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    maple tops, which side is up?

    It's going to depend on the grain of the piece of wood your'e using for the top. Normally you would split/saw the billet in the middle and use the 2 inside surfaces as the top. This will give you the most symmetrical grain pattern. If thew billet is slab sawn this is the way to go. You may see...

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