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    Metal Tone isn't Skullcrushing?

    My metal tone sounds small and wimpy. It doesn't sound chunky. I have a nice sound, it's a percussive djent-esque distortion with a nice eq. It just doesn't go CHUG CHUG. It goes 'duh duh' instead. I'm using a chorus to add that 3D quality but it still doesn't sound rich and full.
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    Other Guitar Forums?

    I don't have a Les Paul and nor do I care for how somebodies Historics sound and I certainly don't give a sh*t how your new caps sound. I just want a new forum to go and roll over to that's busy. Guitargeek looks kind of cool... Troll much?
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    Ken Multi MFZ-7 Fuzz?

    Get a modern Big Muff :)
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    N.P.D. !! AnalogMan

    Go for a lesie/chorus or a delay. That Beano Boosts looks nice :)
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    Benado Board

    Carl Martin Quattro is similiar.
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    Noise gate, Compressor or Sonic Stomp?

    Yeah the Sonic Stomp is helpful. With the Big Muff it does go a bit farty, because the Big Muff has so much low end anyway. A compressor just does not work with the Big Muff, because it is so naturaly compressed. A booster would work to make it sound more fuzzy (Jack White springs to mind for...
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    Noise gate, Compressor or Sonic Stomp?

    I've started listening to Radiohead again, especially King Of Limbs. I really like that atmospheric stuff. So split between a the poll options, boost, eq and something that gives that 'haunting' quality.
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    Digitech Whammy

    Are the new Whammies really shit on tracking or is it perfectly useable?
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    Psionic Audio Telos Clip

    I bloody love that. I'd liek to get one for recording because it's so much variation but it does it all so well, whereas live I'd be scared to take it out...
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    mxr badass 78

    It sounds very god but it's not exactly groundbreaking. It reminds me of an MXR GT-OD or a Distortion III. All of that kind of hard rock bluesy drive. I'd love to have that with a leslie cabinet and crank it loud and use it for a slight drive!
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    Noise gate, Compressor or Sonic Stomp?

    I want to improve the existing sound. I don't know how. I want 'more'. I don't know how to describe it. I like the way a boost gives you 'more' than your existing sound. Like that. I can't describe it. A boost might be needed idk :S
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    Noise gate, Compressor or Sonic Stomp?

    Since this thread was born, I tried out a load of compressors and none of them really got it for me. They didn't react very well to the Big Muff and I've found you can get a very nice mellow sound just using the Gretsch neck pickup instead of a Compressor (Compressor works amazing for my...
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    Noise gate, Compressor or Sonic Stomp?

    Overdrive and distortion? I can get al three using the Big Muff with a volume knob...
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    Noise gate, Compressor or Sonic Stomp?

    For some really loud distorted garage rock with some bluesy leads? Hmm decisons eh :)
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    Design for a pedalboard?

    Nice sketchy board and that Tuner looks old as F! I'm deciding between the bike chain lock idea or just a collector of really strong velcro and cableties (My velcro is poor to say the least). I also need to choose between a compressor, sonic stomp or noise gate.
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    Design for a pedalboard?

    That's the problem. I have the choice of some really good pedals to go on the end of my rig to tighten up the sound which include some sort of noise gate, Boss CS3 Compressor, EHX Soul Preacher Compressor and a BBE Sonic Maximiser. So hard to choose.
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    Design for a pedalboard?

    This would be better than drilling through the enclosures themselves.
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    Design for a pedalboard?

    Hmm this is such a big thing to decide. Hand build something that could potentially be bad quality or make something that is good and have the pride that you built it yourself. Or you can go and buy something very lazily that will do the job amazingly well...
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    Design for a pedalboard?

    Ooh, do you ship to the UK?
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    Design for a pedalboard?

    Does anybody have any pedalboard designs where the pedals stay stable to the board and won't slip off in transit. I want something where you don't have to carry it two handed, and I can hold it one hand and have the guitar case in the other. It's a weird idea but something similiar to this...

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