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    uk guitar stores recommendation

    Hi guys can some of you guys name me some well-known guitar store names in the uk? I'm looking to buy a fender reverb unit since the US does not sell the 220/240v version(Not that i know of). If you guys know where i can find a 220/240v version in the us. Let me know.:thumb:
  2. J

    Reputable luthier in texas?

    Hi guys I'm looking for a luthier in texas who can help me install a set of grover kidney tuners on my les paul. Anyone knows one? Usually what kind of price should i be looking at for a service like this?
  3. J

    Installing grover tuners, Help

    Okay so i have a historic gibson and i want to install grover kidney tuners on it. Anyone know how and is it safe? I have zero experience with changing tuners.
  4. J

    Aging the bridge

    Anyone here knows how to age a gibson bridge on a les paul from a gloss model? Other than playing the shit out of it, any other way round it?
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    2012 change?

    Hey guys, planning on buying an r8 soon, either to be 2011 or 2012. Heard rumours that 2012 historics has stainless steel studs installed whereas 2011 and previous versions have aluminum. Is there a tonal change to this? Can someone confirm this?
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    2012 r8-

    Hi guys thinking of getting an r8 at this point, but i heard the 2012 versions are apposed to a downgrade with two slabs of rosewood instead of one? Correct me if I'm mistaken but is the 2012 r8 gonna be s__?(I won't say the word, but yes it starts with an s and ends with a t) If that's the...
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    R8 now or 2012? ByeBye R9?

    Hey guys planning on getting a Gibson r8, but recently seeing there's hardly any r8 on sale on the internet, BUT there is actually one that caught my eye. But would you guys recommend waiting till 2012 to buy an r8 or should i get the one that appeals to me now? I'm asking cause i heard...
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    Taylor Big baby and Taylor GS Mini?

    Hi guys, some of you might remember me from my martin thread But i've decided on buying a taylor instead, hehe. Thanks for all your input guys but i realized i liked the taylor sound better (Sorry to...
  9. J

    Buying a Martin Acoustic-My first~

    Hey guys, i wanna buy an acoustic but only being a les paul guy who knows close to bare about acoustics, i wonder if you guys can help me out here. I'd like to get an acoustic cause I'm into songwriting, I'm more into a strumming style and would like the tone to be not too bassy, like certain...
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    RS guitarworks jp wiring

    What does the two push-pull pots do? Hehe sorry but i couldn't find any info on their site. :wave:
  11. J

    Landgraff or Bob Burt?

    Hi guys, thinking of getting a distortion pedal. Not sure which to get though, got a little cash to spend. Hehe 1) Bob burt overdrive (Tubescreamer) 2) Bob burt Gr8t distortion pedal (Dont know what this sounds like or how it works) 3) Landgraff mod ( Suppose to be a replica of a rat, but...
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    Knofpler 58 paf neck pickup

    Anyone knows what type of alnico magnet was in knofpler's neck paf on his 58 paul?
  13. J

    Tonebender MK2, DAM or SWEETSOUND or ..?

    Which fuzz would you get? I'm trying to get into the vibe of zeppelin and some yardbirds, like heart full of soul. Beautiful stuff:applause: DAM MK2 OC84 DAM MK2 OC75 SWEET SOUND PRO BENDER MK2 Feel free to add in any other manufacturers, you won't know good tone until you've heard em...
  14. J

    2011 historics?

    Anyone here knows when the 2011 reissues will be coming out? Or has anyone have them already?:shock:
  15. J

    Telecasters- 1951 & 1952

    Can anyone tell me the difference between these two telecasters?:shock:
  16. J

    Voltage Compatibility-UK & US

    Hi guys, I'm thinking of buying an amp from the states, then bringing it into a country whose voltage is UK based. Are there anything i should be concerned with? Other things i'm considering buying from the states: Fender Reverb Tank ri Thanks i would appreciate your guys input :D
  17. J

    Martin Acoustics

    Why are they so expensive? What's so special about the j-45? I see them going over 4k++ Usually more. But why?:shock:
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    push pull wirings & bb3 pu magnet

    Title is pretty much a mouthful, but i was wondering. Scenario 1: if you had an r9 les paul wired with push pull pots for single coil tap and out of phase. Strat-like tone? Scenario 2: if you had a Gibson 3 pu bb, on middle position(middle+bridge). Strat-like tone? What I'm really...
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    Jeff beck tone with lp?

    Hey guys, i'm a big fan of jeff's. So i'm getting a les paul soon, either the 57bb 3 pu (mahogany top) or r9 (maple cap). Based on tone alone, leaving out skills. Do you think the BB with it's mahogany top will be able to capture that jeff beck tone? I know jeff currently plays strats but...
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    SGs and 57BB custom=identical tone?

    Hi Everybody, Just wondering if a 57BB custom would sound identical to an sg. Given they have the same pickups. Considering they are both mahogany made. :hmm:

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