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  1. DHBucker

    Been Away

    Hello folks! I've been away on walkabout. How the heck are you?
  2. DHBucker

    Shout Out!

    Just a quick shout out to Lt. Dave for his patience and willingness to work with a mofo over a long period. To use A Beaver Cleaverism.... "Gee Dave, you're a swell guy." :thumb:
  3. DHBucker

    Had Surgery

    Hi all, I'm just laying around watching videos and car build shows as I recover from surgery. Had a hernia repair done and I'm just cooling my heels. Didn't think I'd be this sore but I'm moving very slowly. So entertain me like only you can! Lol @Lt. Dave. Hey man. I will send the...
  4. DHBucker

    Shaman Kitteh

    "Lives I give thee!! Nine lives to live!! Not seven, five, or three... But NINE! Two is right out!! Behold! I have worked the magic!!"
  5. DHBucker

    Trolled by BK

    Okay.. I know I shouldn't have dadgumit..... But it was calling me like an evil voice.....c'mon I won't hurt you.....embrace me.... Taste me....You know you must..... Yep, I bought that dang Halloween Whopper..... Being of the sacred church of the burger I felt compelled......the A-1 was nice...
  6. DHBucker

    Being Buzz

    In honor of our fallen comrade, I propose we all change our avatars to Buzz's for a couple of days. Heartstring and I have been talking about this and thought it might be a good thing. Thanks.
  7. DHBucker

    Ice-T on Fallon....Winning

    Too funny.
  8. DHBucker

    Mexican Weather and the Astute Aussie Guy

    Gotta love his commentary ..... Too funny..
  9. DHBucker

    Who Wants Some??

    Aight! It's Friday, I've had a few and I'm pissed off at how stupid this country has become! Say what you will, I love all of you, but let's talk sh!t! Let's get it on!
  10. DHBucker

    Any Plumbing or Waterproofing Experts Here?

    Hi All, With the rains in the southeast the last two days I have a trickle of water coming in where the main supply line comes in from the street into my lower level. The shut off is located below grade and the water is coming in through the penetration in the concrete. Never had this before now...
  11. DHBucker

    Bill O'Reilly Stirs The Pot

    Boy Ol' Wild Bill sure do gets things locked around here. Just kidding ViC,Dave, and Peter... :naughty: :laugh2:
  12. DHBucker

    Anniversary of Auschwitz Liberation

    Remember...Shalom to anyone that felt the pain of this sin against God and man. Never forget what happened. Thanks to my dad and those that wore the uniform to defend the world against evil such as this.
  13. DHBucker

    The Groove Lives

    Alright y'all... Y'all all know I think the latest music is shit... But My daughters once again reminded me that the funk is still alive..and this is THE SHIT! The groove survives and Nile Rogers' kick ass strat licks are still being emulated and used. Bruno knows the funk and writes SONGS! I...
  14. DHBucker

    New Years Rockin' Eve

    Shit....Rockin'? I have it on right now and the only thing rockin' will be my my wife's panties in a few.... Discuss.. We miss you Dick Clark...
  15. DHBucker

    Gruss Vom Krampus Mein Kinder!!

    An old German legend is regaining popularity as many people distance themselves from traditional Christmas celebrations. The Krampus is the alter ego of St. Nicholas and comes to the bad kiddies and whacks them with switches, binds them in chains, and drags them to the nether regions for their...
  16. DHBucker

    J.D. Lawd...

    Preach it son! This young man gets soooo close to Jimi hendrix here and still remains J.D. Rock it man! :dude:
  17. DHBucker

    Killer Acoustic Gibson

    Look what I found! Rare, beautiful, and vintage! Wish I could afford it! :dude: AG6272 Gibson Everly Brothers 1963
  18. DHBucker

    Cosmic Cat

    Where the heck is Bling? I know he was getting in touch with his inner self and may have gone the way of the Buddha. Anybody know.
  19. DHBucker

    New Roof. I Need Your Advice Please.

    Hi Folks. I'm preparing to have my roof replaced and the roofing contractor has great references and BBU rating. He is pushing turbine "whirlybird" vents instead of static (box) vents, or ridge vents. What is your opinion on what is better. I have done some reading on the subject of attic...
  20. DHBucker

    Best Guitar Tuner App

    Hey fellers. What do you guys think is the best guitar tuner app out there for your smartphone? I'm shopping for one. Peas to all and disco to none! :wave:

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