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  1. TeaForTwo

    The Mad Hatter's Tea Party

    I'm dying soon. Still drinking tea though. F***************k the world.
  2. TeaForTwo

    Phaez Amps [merged]

    Darn shame I'm dying. I loved Phaez amps enough to get 24 of them. .
  3. TeaForTwo

    The Mad Hatter's Tea Party

    Tea For Two is thankful for you all. I am also leaving. Remember to do Chi Tea, and Gunpowder Tea. I will be gone soon......Thanks all.
  4. TeaForTwo

    Tea For Two Hates You, And Robs You.

    I am very ill, and I shall be going home soon. Thank you. I am, and I will always be a guitarist who will be remembered. I wish you all the best. I spent my life caring about people. And no, this isn't a "leaving" thread. I'm finishing up giving gear away. 56 guitars and 47...
  5. TeaForTwo

    What Are Some JCM800 Reissue & JVM Series Pros and Cons?

    Um, yeah. 800s are great. .
  6. TeaForTwo

    Phaez Amps [merged]

    I've given away four Phaez amps thus far Sean this year. Three last year. If I list one for sale I'll expect the sale to be at the listed price. All my Phaez amps were treated better than, hmmm..... .
  7. TeaForTwo

    Phaez Amps [merged]

    A have a raw Daisycutter I may give away. It needs a proper home though. .
  8. TeaForTwo

    StinkyKitty, I have a Phaez amp for you.

    Give me a ring whenever. It's a classic. .
  9. TeaForTwo

    Your avatar and the impact it can have

    All I can offer are are his backup singers in my avatar. They used to backup David Bowie as well. And I surely miss both David and Lemmy. .
  10. TeaForTwo

    Vaping around guitars?

    The bitter comes out better on a Goldtop guitar. .
  11. TeaForTwo

    Heavily armed terrorists seize refuge

    Get off my fawn.
  12. TeaForTwo

    The Revenant

    The facts for any film, or thread, are always a good subject based upon fiction, fact, or the thoughts thereof. .
  13. TeaForTwo

    Amps With KT88s

    I run a few amps with the KT66 tubes. I find them similar to the KT88 tubes. Phaez has a Hiwatt based amps with KT88 tubes.
  14. TeaForTwo

    Phaez Amps [merged]

    I have four Ashville, four DaisyCutter amps. And 8 more Phaez amps. I love then all., The one I am known for is my V2 built DC running a KT66. .
  15. TeaForTwo

    MLP Phaez Family Tree - Current/Past owners please contribute!

    You're welcome Suds. We are wishing you well Sudsy. I enjoy the research and work maintaining this thread. .
  16. TeaForTwo

    MLP Phaez Family Tree - Current/Past owners please contribute!

    MLP Phaez Family Tree - Current/Past owners please contribute! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 01/22/2009 - GP_Hawk * ...... Daisycutter woody 14w 02/01/2009 - Evilevoix ...........DaisyCutter 14 (2X EL84, brite & throttle switches) 07/15/2009 -...
  17. TeaForTwo

    Son of Concorde!!

    Did the ceiling still leak in the back? .
  18. TeaForTwo

    Phaez Amps [merged]

    Congrats. I'll be adding you to the Phaez Family Thread tomorrow.
  19. TeaForTwo

    Would You Care For Tea?

    There are 15 or so available teas available where I am. Brewers vary, but there is always at least enough tea for to at our home. .
  20. TeaForTwo

    Phaez Amps [merged]

    I like the ones that glow. Usually JJs. .

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