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  1. Paully

    Epiphone Les Paul Special II or Epiphone Les Paul Special VE?

    Plus Top = Marketing Spiel
  2. Paully

    An Epiphone Les Paul Special II Goth Edition Mod Story

    Those ltd. model €pi's sure are sweet.
  3. Paully

    Any Model Enthusiasts?

    Thank you.
  4. Paully

    Any Model Enthusiasts?

    The parts are chrome. I'm wanting to bring out the detail in a grill. Black in the recessed portion and leave the high Spots chrome. Pretty sure that a flat black and thinner mix would Do the trick. Just curious as to what the ratio is.
  5. Paully

    Any Model Enthusiasts?

    Currently I am prepping a '76 Ford Gran Torino for building. Would someone be willing to tell me the paint to thinner ratio for detailing chrome parts?
  6. Paully

    Finally got to try haggis

    Absoeffen nasty.
  7. Paully

    1 week sober

    Hi, I've been clean and sober for a few 24 hours in a row. In the begining I hit a bunch of meetins and asked other guys for thier numbers. Get a copy of the "Big Book" and immerse yourself. Keep going 24 hours at a time. If you slip don't give up. Start again. Best o' luck.
  8. Paully

    So let's see those Strats!

    Squier Strat SE
  9. Paully

    Acoustic Help?

    Check out Yamaha FG 800
  10. Paully

    Cool story.

    Kewl story.
  11. Paully

    Got Yellow ones?

  12. Paully

    Neon Strings. Luminescent...?

    I use multi colored DR's
  13. Paully

    Just an amp story with far to many personal details

    Sound groovy. Pics?
  14. Paully

    Help Me Decide Which Les Paul to Buy

    Get the best that you can afford
  15. Paully

    Who loves an SG?

    Loves me some SG ! Here's mine. €pi SG Special VE
  16. Paully

    Wanna see something cool?

    That amp is the tits
  17. Paully

    NGD! 1973 Les Paul Custom

    Fantastic purchase
  18. Paully

    Hello. New to the group had some questions

    Welcome to MLP :D

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