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    Epiphone Probuckers-Anyone order them on ebay/reverb? legit?

    Honestly I like the epiphone 57s quite a bit too- the stratosphere sells them for $20 Are people saying the probuckers on reverb are fake?
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    Epiphone Probuckers-Anyone order them on ebay/reverb? legit?

    Have you ordered some and determined they are fake? or has anyone? and posted pics or video about it? Its pretty easy to get ebay to refund your money if you say something is fake... I find it hard to imagine theyd fake the quick connect the correct 24mm pots with the 16mm push pulls and...
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    Epiphone Probuckers-Anyone order them on ebay/reverb? legit?

    I've been pretty amazed by the pickups in the most recent epiphones I've tried out. One being a Les Paul Custom Pro II (2018 I believe- not 100%) the other being the BB King Lucille (2018 model as well- I think) I think they absolutely destroy the 490r 498t combo in gibsons- but I've come to...
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    2000 Gibson Les Paul Special Humbucker (NOT SL) Pickups?

    I have a 2000 gibson les paul special in gloss black (not the sans lacquer looking models) It looks exactly like this guitar LINK LES PAUL I have always thought the pickups were super high output- and I measured them and found the bridge measures 14.4k neck 7.5k That ad I linked says the...
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    Refurbishing super beat up gibson les paul special SL

    I picked up a super beat up gibson les paul special SL from 2000. I really did not know it was going to be so beat up- the ebay seller described it as "less than perfect" and described a neck repair as "impossible to photograph" but its very clearly visible. and there are WAY more dings and...
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    2000 Gibson Les Paul Special Humbucker Pickguard

    I picked up a beat up 2000 les paul special with two humbuckers- mounting rings- chrome covers. Its black with cream (i guess) pickup mounting rings. I think a pickguard would make it look a lot better but I'm not sure where to get a good one. I've seen some flat body LP's with humbuckers...
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    Epiphone "Inspired by 1955 Custom" (black on black custom with p90's)

    im surprised how few of you epiphone fans have played this guitar. it absolutely destroys a LOT of gibsons. And I mean the wood feels better. The fretboard is obviously miles beyond any rosewood gibson is putting out besides the 5k plus custom shops. How about the epiphone elitist 61 SG...
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    Epiphone "Inspired by 1955 Custom" (black on black custom with p90's)

    yeh i saw it. I'm asking everyone here if epiphone makes any LP's or SG's of equal quality? I mean the frets, nut, setup, pots, etc on this thing were out of this world. Are all the limited ed. epi's this good?
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    Scored a deal on '55 Custom

    So i played one of these for the first time at GC yesterday (i made a post about it) and it is an amazing guitar. I mean it absolutely blew away every gibson LP they had that was below a LP standard. i didnt play an LP standard but I wouldnt be surprised if it destroyed those too. Of course...
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    Epiphone "Inspired by 1955 Custom" (black on black custom with p90's)

    I was at GC today and noticing how terribly pale and dry all the gibson rosewood finger boards looked- The $1500 ones only looked slightly better than the lower end models and SG's- The over $2k ones looked "okay". Then I noticed this nice dark fingerboard black satin finished paul- and I was...
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    Gibson newb questions on SG

    So i recently fell in love with the gibson jeff tweedy SG. but they are pricey and somewhat rare apparently. i noticed part of the appeal is that the carve looks deeper than any some other SG's. some of the custom shops look to have the same carve. the standards look deeper than the specials...
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    Kits- musikraft, precision, etc

    i just came into a little bit of money and would love to get myself a super nice les paul. but i dont have money for custom shop or vintage. i know musikraft makes some superb quality stuff. and they have some decent options like brazilian rosewood and different grades of ebony. i looked at...
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    Deep Set Neck/Long Neck Tenon Epi's

    i'm into long thing necks
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    Deep Set Neck/Long Neck Tenon Epi's

    Hey there... previous epi LP owner, wanna get another one, miss that sound! I'm wondering if there is a list of Epiphone guitars that have the long neck tenon? In my American Musical Catalog I see the Les Paul Tribute Plus is listed as having the deep set neck. But none of the other ones...
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    Some Mods for Marshall Class 5

    Lyle's mods have putting a 470pf in parallel with the 470k at R12. Is this good to do at R7 as well? or was that a typo? I've done the mods with a 2k 1uf cathode bypass. and a 120pf bright cap along with thee rest of the mods and the 47k slope resistor. I still feel the bass is too...
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    Some Mods for Marshall Class 5

    Looking from the top of the board (component side) with the pot facing away from you and the lugs pointing towards the ground. wouldnt the lug on the right be lug one? if you're looking at the solder side of the board under the pot the pots legs would be numbered 1,2,3 from left to right...
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    Some Mods for Marshall Class 5

    and I'm kinda confused still about the c13, 120pf volume lugs thing... I jumper c13... and I put a 120pf cap across lugs 1 and 2 of the volume pot. but my volume pot has 4 legs. is it the two legs that go to either side of c13? could i just put a jumper and the 120pf cap in the c13 pads? also...
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    Some Mods for Marshall Class 5

    I just started the mods and was looking at the pictures and realized I have a different layout than the original posted mods. it seems as though the component numbers are still the same. are the components labeled the same... ie: C8 still equals C8 across the board? and I cannot find R25 on...
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    Some Mods for Marshall Class 5

    so I tried reading this whole thread- which I really, really appreciate dude! Very cool of you to share your work. I'm definitely contemplating buying one of your pedals. very unique stuff you have! So it seems like there's been some discussion... got into outer foil here on these last...
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    95' Natural Birdseye Epi LP w/hsc She's a purty one!

    that was the guitar that made me love les pauls. what do you mean when they used real wood? what kind of wood does epiphone use now? worse than 6 pieces with a scarf joint on the neck?

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