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  1. TeaForTwo

    Tea For Two Hates You, And Robs You.

    I am very ill, and I shall be going home soon. Thank you. I am, and I will always be a guitarist who will be remembered. I wish you all the best. I spent my life caring about people. And no, this isn't a "leaving" thread. I'm finishing up giving gear away. 56 guitars and 47...
  2. TeaForTwo

    StinkyKitty, I have a Phaez amp for you.

    Give me a ring whenever. It's a classic. .
  3. TeaForTwo

    Dropping Picks

    Dropping picks. It happens, and one of many things about that is that it means that as you are playing a guitar, it is yours. Of course, your milage may vary, but dropping a pick does not stop the rock and roll, it continues, no matter what. Picks are everywhere. If they...
  4. TeaForTwo

    Here Are Directions To Quote a Post in Your Signature

    Some MLP members have an MLP member's interesting post in their signature. For most MLP members this is an easy task. An MLP member helped me learn how to do it (thank you). From the post you like, press quote as like you would to quote and respond to in a thread. Highlight and copy the entire...
  5. TeaForTwo

    Show Us Your Red Pedals

    A few of my favorites... Fuzz box built by MLP Jonsey. . . Fuzz box built by MLP Bling. . .
  6. TeaForTwo

    Looking For New Monitor Advice Please

    Preferably 6" or maybe 8" .....Recommendations and thoughts please. Thank you. .
  7. TeaForTwo

    Looking For Amtrak Riding Advice

    I'm hopping on an Amtrak train Friday for music related travel, and I haven't been anywhere in quite some time. It's a 49 hour trip each way. Looking for Amtrak riding tips of any kind. Thank you. .
  8. TeaForTwo

    The Cats Have Their Own Guitar Now

    Wildkats in all their glory!!! Paruwi will approve....:) . . .
  9. TeaForTwo

    Happy Birthday Caleb!

    Happy Birthday Caleb, enjoy your day.... .
  10. TeaForTwo

    Happy Birthday Freddy G

    Enjoy your day Freddy. Thanks for sharing all your musical endeavors with MLP. .
  11. TeaForTwo

    Happy Birthday Mobprop667

    Enjoy your Birthday today.....
  12. TeaForTwo

    The Attenuator Thread

    There are many threads on The Squawk Box forum about attenuators. I decided it may be helpful to collect many of the attenuator threads into a single thread. Feel free to add to this thread as you see fit. Thank you all, from Damian...
  13. TeaForTwo

    Soldering Stations and Pickup Question

    I recall some winders here mentioning that using a Soldering Station may damage pickups. Can you experts chime in about this? Thank you all....:) (I'll also be looking through the threads to study it as well.) .
  14. TeaForTwo

    Happy Birthday Engel!

    Enjoy your day! .
  15. TeaForTwo

    The World of an Autistic

    Is one where I will always be outside looking into where you are. I have always been at my best when I play guitar. Music and art is all I can do. It is all I am. .
  16. TeaForTwo

    Questions Regarding LP Refinishing

    I'm the new owner of this LPDC. The best pics are in the seller's thread here; .......... Here's one of my not so great pics... ....... The top has beautiful AAAA maple which can only be...
  17. TeaForTwo

    My Official Paw Paw Guitar

    . .....
  18. TeaForTwo

    Cloud Storage and Computer Help Please

    Thank you MLP members. Please teach me some about Cloud Storage, such as what service do you use, cost factors, advice, etc. Thank you. . Also, I have some questions regarding email "locations." My question is best asked and answered via PMs rather than on this thread. Experts, please PM me...
  19. TeaForTwo

    Christmas Smores

    Enjoy the holidays folks, and be well.........:).. . .
  20. TeaForTwo

    The Usual Suspects....

    . .....

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