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  1. Paully

    Setting Intonation

    I've got an €pi Les Paul Special 1 p90's, with the wrap over bridge. I have found an Allen wrench that almost fits the set screw on the bridge/saddle. The one that came with the guitar is too small. I got the bridge closer to the nut, but she still rings sharp. Advice? Tks, Paully
  2. Paully

    I'll take "RWRP" for 1000 Alex

    Hi, :D I've got what's probably a simple question for all you guitar gurus out there. I've googled the living daylights out of the question and haven't been able to find a definitive answer. So, lets start with my guitar:SSS Squier Strat SE SSS Rose Mariposa Vintage Pick Ups 1 Volume 2 Tones...
  3. Paully

    Not a LP but I really need help

    So, My Strat was sounding normal in the "middle" p/u position, but neck and bridge sounded about 1/2 volume and very thin by comparison. I bought a pre-made wiring harness from "ToneManGuitar". It came with new pots, new tone cap, new out-put jack and new 5 way switch. While installing new...
  4. Paully

    Rocksmith 2014 Remastered

    Looking for opinions. Legitimate learning tool or just a toy?
  5. Paully

    50's wiring, how to?

    Just bought an Epi LP with 2 p90's, 1 vol. 1 tone, I read somewhere that to change to 50's wiring only involved moving 1 wire from volume pot to the tone pot or visa versa. Would someone please enlighten me? Thanks.
  6. Paully

    Other LP Forum

    What a passel of D******ds
  7. Paully

    FS: Matched B/N, Aged Gold Alnico V Classic Epiphone P'ups

    Out of a '99 Epiphone Joe Pass. Covers are naturally aged gold and resemble Seymour Duncan "Antiquities". Can send pics. $30. Shipped. PP.
  8. Paully

    One mans trash....

    Hi, The "Audio In" jack on my First Act MA214 bass amp works fine. However, Plugging into the "Instrument In" jack yields a hum and no guitar sound. So, I'm thinking that the Instrument In jack is at fault. If it is the jack can I just replace it with a regular guitar input jack? Any help is...
  9. Paully

    volt ohm meter

    Planning on putting new p'ups using the "cheat method" On my fully hollowbodied Epiphone Joe Pass. So after I've clipped the wires on the stock p'ups Is there a way to test the clipped wires that are still in the guitar for hot and ground with a VOM? :hmm:
  10. Paully

    What's the straight dope..

    ...On Agile "Les Paul" guitars. The prices seem pretty good for what you allegedly get. Price wise the 2 I'm looking at are less than an Epiphone Studio and have much nicer accoutrements than the Epi. One of them even comes with stainless steel frets. I am looking at the Al3001 & the Al3010...
  11. Paully

    Work order guesstimate

    Hi, Thinking of taking my 16 year old Epi Joe Pass in to have the frets leveled, crowned and polished. I'll also have a complete set-up done at the same time. The frets have very little wear so I'm thinking that the fret job won't require anything extraordinary. As for the set-up I'd like for...
  12. Paully

    Gutted my Squier

    What's going to fill up all this empty? New die cast sealed tuners Rose Mariposa hand wound pick ups New bridge with full size block and bent stainless steel saddles New 250k CTS audio pots Oak Grigsby 5 way switch New cloth covered wire What I'll do for a wiring scheme: The Volume...
  13. Paully

    Stratocaster wiring

    Hi, I drew this up and was hoping to get some input. The pots are shielded by being bolted to the foil on the pick guard. Comments and suggestions encouraged. Thanks,
  14. Paully

    capacitors and tone circuit

    I have a Squier Strat SE and am installing new everything under the pick guard and I am going to do the following: Wire up so that 2nd tone knob works for both middle and bridge. Install a separate tone cap on each tone pot, these will be 2 different values 0.022 and 0.047 so that neck will...
  15. Paully

    Epi '52 (reissue) Gold Top, Les Paul w/P90's

    I'm looking at one of these, the guitar is solid and has P-90's. I just need an idea of what it's worth. Seller is at $330 USD firm. Is he being realistic ?

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