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    Les Paul headstock angle or peghead angle

    I know this has been discussed before but when did Gibson revert back from 14 degrees to 17 degrees on Les Pauls? When i search i see 1973, 1983 and 2002. Does anybody know for sure wich is correct?
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    1960 Les Paul’s

    I saw Joe Bonamassa talking about one of his 1960 Les Pauls. He said the 1960’s had a little shorter neck tenon wich made them brighter punchier. I thought the 1960’s had the same long neck tenon as the 1958-59 Bursts.
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    Dot over ”i” on Gibson logo

    In 1969 the dot on the ”i” on the Gibson logo disapeared on Les Paul’s. When did the dot on the ”i” return?
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    Dot on ”i” on Les Paul logo

    I know the dot on the ”i” on Les Paul’s disapeared in early 1969. What year did the dot come back again?
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    50’s Les Paul Custom’s

    I wonder did the 50’s Les Paul Custom’s have a one piece mahogany body or a mahogany body with a glued on mahogany cap like the reissues?
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    Herco Flex 75 picks

    How thick was the original 70’s Herco Flex 75 picks? I read the new Herco Flex 75 is like 1.01mm. I thought they should be 0.75mm hence the name.
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    1957 Les Paul Custom pickups

    I wonder did Gibson make any Les Paul Custom’s with Alnico V and P90 pickups in 1957? If so when during the year did the transition to PAF’s start?
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    Two piece backs again!

    This has probably been asked before but when did this two piece Mahogany backs on Les Paul’s start? Does a 1995 LP Custom have a two piece back? I’ve searched but haven’t found a real good answer.
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    Gibson Rosewood fingerboard

    Does Gibson USA still use the thicker Rosewood fingerboard they started using a couple of years ago?
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    Magnet polarity on a humbucker bar magnet

    Can someone easy explain how the polariies (North&South) is on a HB bar magnet. I’ve always thought one half and the short end was N and the other half S. But i red to get the Peter Green out of phase tone you should rotade the magnet 180 degrees so the long side that was facing from the strings...
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    1969 Maple layer on 1974 LP Custom Reissue

    From what i’ve red the Les Paul first got a mysterious extra layer of Maple between the Mahogany body and the Maple top. I believe it was fitted until the early 80’s. It came before the extra Maple layer between two Mahogany pieces on the body (Pancake body) i wonder does the 1974 Reissue of the...
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    Neck and body route

    Was the neck fitted before the body was routed for the pickups in the 50’s on a Les Paul? Was the neck fitted after when they started with the transitional tenon?
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    The Paul II

    i’ve red that The Paul was made of Walnut but was the The Paul II from the 90’s made of Mahogany or was it also Walnut?
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    Chrome parts on John Sykes LP Custom

    Does anybody know if the changed chrome colored parts like tailpiece, bridge and pickguard is made from plastic or metal on John Sykes 1978 LP Custom?
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    Early 70’s Les Paul’s with full size HB’s

    I know Gibson made some Les Paul’s with full size Humbuckers instead of the mini Humbuckers before 75 or 76 when the Standard was introduced. But had these Deluxe or Standard on the truss rod cover?
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    NGD 2018 Historic 1960 Les Paul Standard

    After some delay i got it last week and i love it! Finally a neck on a Reissue LP that i like.
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    Did 2 piece LP backs start in 2002?

    After a search on the forum 2002 seems to be the year. So if you want a 1 piece back should you buy one made before that year? Or did they do this even before that? I’m mainly asking about Standards and Customs.
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    Les Paul Standard Faded

    i wonder is there Les Paul Standard Fadeds with one piece backs? I got a 2005 Standard Faded and i looked at it closely from every angle under light and i can’t find any seem. I had a 2017 Traditional for a short time and it had a 2 piece back. The seem was easy to see in the middle of the...
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    Wood Filler on Les Pauls

    I've read about using Wood Filler on guitars and that it kills tone and sustain. If so, did they use Wood Filler in the same way back in the 1950's like they do nowadays both on the USA and CS made? I got a 2005 Les Paul Standard Faded and it should have less Wood Filler than a regular LP...
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    Grover Kidney Tuners on Les Paul Custom?

    Did any 68 to early 70´s Les Paul Customs come originally with the Grover Kidney Tuners? I believe they were called Rotomatics. Did they have the 14:1 or 18:1 gear ratio? Were they looking tuners?

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