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  1. mvanstee

    Ngd! Heritage custom core h-150

    One here
  2. mvanstee

    Heritage Artisan Aged H-150

    its a beast
  3. mvanstee

    Let's Talk Tails

    Aluminium made i big difference on mine. How'd your's work out?
  4. mvanstee

    Question about the Faber ABRN and a big friggin' thanks.

    You guys did say Faber, right? I wouldnt expect that.
  5. mvanstee

    Gibson Les Paul CM 2016 T upgrade

    very nice
  6. mvanstee

    Unique Body Color

    Test on scraps
  7. mvanstee

    Rookie Refinish

    You could always fill it and go with a solid finish?
  8. mvanstee

    Les Paul Centipede

    I do like the blue
  9. mvanstee

    Should I do it?

    Try it. You can always go back.
  10. mvanstee

    From wrap-around to bridge + stopbar

    Derick Trucks optionunless you actually want a Maestro. They dont stay in tune, which is why Derick came up with this.
  11. mvanstee

    NGD: American Deluxe Stratocaster... But

    They seem to be a fairly flat surfaces. I use a needle filled with paint and just inject it in to the chip. Fill till its flush. It will shrink a bit while drying. Add more until your flush, then sand with 1000 grit and polish from there. If you get the exact color, you shouldnt be able tho see it.
  12. mvanstee

    NGD Gretsch 5622T

    Always wanted a Gretsch. So, cool. I would love a Black Penguin
  13. mvanstee

    NGD: PRS Paul's "Dirty" top Artist in Jade.

    very very nice!
  14. mvanstee

    School me on "metal guitars"

    That STAT is absolutely smokin!
  15. mvanstee

    School me on "metal guitars"

    Lot of les Pauls in the bands that he named.
  16. mvanstee

    School me on "metal guitars"

    Solar is made by Washburn. There a very nice guitar.
  17. mvanstee

    Question about Heritage guitars...

  18. mvanstee

    RS Guitarworks Tele Build

    love that binding

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