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  1. irocdave12

    Well… I done went and did it now. Prepare the MLP Dumbass Award

    As the title says it’s likely time once again to hand out the MLP Dumbass of the Year award. My acceptance speech is likely forth coming. I saw a guitar I’ve been chasing in nice condition at a acceptable price. I had a terrible moment of weakness today. I cast off all logical thought. I said...
  2. irocdave12

    RIP Ray Liotta

    Damn 67 way too young. What a great actor he was in many great films. Goodfellas was a masterpiece
  3. irocdave12

    New LP Juniors Anyone know what this is all about?

    I’m not much of follower of the flat body LP guitars but have been recently looking at maybe taking my first jump into owning one. In shopping AMS tonight I came across their offerings and found one that had me a bit confused and the item page does not give much insight as to why. If any of you...
  4. irocdave12

    Can the Boeing Starliner finally do it and will Rosie survive? Place your bets

    3rd times a charm as they say and Boeing is sure hoping so. Are they gonna pull this off tonight and show us something for our money or is it gonna be bad day for Rosie the dummy who is going for the ride if it actually leaves the ground?
  5. irocdave12

    That ain’t right but kinda funny

  6. irocdave12

    Korina exclusives back in stock at AMS V Moderne Explorer

    In case any of you guys like me were waiting on these to come back in stock it looks like they some of each right now and are priced right
  7. irocdave12

    Anyone need a Les Paul tornado project?
  8. irocdave12

    What happened to Ashley Judd?

    Did any of you guys see the country music awards last night? Ashley Judd was almost unrecognizable to me. I don’t want this to come off as mean or nasty in any way as she is clearly grieving but my gosh has her appearance changed. I can only assume she has something medical going on like a...
  9. irocdave12

    Anyone seen Metal Lords on Netflix?

    Not awful Not great but fun to watch if not just for all the cool gear and cameo’s from the rock stars. If you go 90 minutes to kill might want to give it a shot
  10. irocdave12

    Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard Trial

    Is anyone else keeping tabs on the trial as these 2 wacko’s sue each other? The details coming out of their years living together are pure gold. It’s almost unimaginable they are airing their dirty laundry out for the public like this. So far I have learned that either Amber Heard is so nasty...
  11. irocdave12

    I’m going to stop drinking as much soda and start drinking more Arizona tea

    At least one company still gives a shit about the American consumer and isn’t grabbing with both hands.
  12. irocdave12

    Try not to laugh

    As my pop used to say….”Ughhh Some people’s children”
  13. irocdave12

    Factory aged Les Paul… the early days flying blind at Gibson…LOL

    My god I just had to laugh at this and myself today since I haven’t seen one in a long time. I actually owned one these same 70’s aged models and ended up trading it for something else. I strongly regretted that up until my memory was refreshed today seeing this. It was a great guitar and played...
  14. irocdave12

    If anyone sees any news on this boy from Ukraine please post it here

    I know this is a total long shot and I’ll likely never know. But the boy from the start of this video in the multi colored jacket crying has haunted me for going on 3 days since I first saw it on the news. I just hope the image of him gained enough human interest that someone over there followed...
  15. irocdave12

    Wheelchair Curling the most random thing I’ve ever got stuck watching

    Up til tonight I have never seen this nor even knew it existed. The paraolympics are on currently and I stumbled on it on the Olympics channel. It’s fascinating how they pull it off and make it work. The players hold their teammates chair from sliding on the ice so they can use a special...
  16. irocdave12

    What a great deal this is

    My stable is already pretty full but maybe one of you fine people would like to take advantage of this smoking good deal on this $1500 guitar for half off. Clearly the savings is due to a few parts missing but mostly the minor repair that was done so well its hardly noticeable...
  17. irocdave12

    Hot Dog aficionados would you try or flat out blasphemy? Round Hot Dogs

    Gotta say I’m intrigued and might have to give them a once over if they cross my path cause I love a good hot dog.
  18. irocdave12

    Possible vacuum tube shortage about to occur?

    Without stepping over the line regarding the forum rules and getting into political issues. I have to wonder with all going on in the world very recently if we are going to start to have some problems getting tubes? With only 3 factories left in the world making tubes and probably the best one...
  19. irocdave12

    Don gives excellent BJ’s

    Love this dude and what he does. I’ve lost entire days stuck laughing at his videos.
  20. irocdave12

    RIP Sally Kellerman aka Hot Lips Houlihan

    Man what an icon of the 1970’s and 1980’s she was. Seems like all the actors and actresses from my youth are checking out a lot recently 'M*A*S*H' Star Sally Kellerman Dead at 84

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