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  1. zorglub!

    Vintage Photo Thread 2018

    And if you want photos of vintage Les Pauls from 1957 to 1960, here you have 10,000 pics: :photos:
  2. zorglub!

    Vintage Photo Thread 2018

    Here you have 3 photos of the only known 1959 Goldtop Les Paul Standard: 9 0225.
  3. zorglub!

    Happy new/vintage year to everyone!

    Wish you all the best for the new year!
  4. zorglub!

    '53 Goldtop conversion

    Quick update on this one...
  5. zorglub!

    1957-1959 LP Owners list

    We, at, log 1958-1960 Les Paul Standard guitars with humbuckers (both sunburst and goldtop, but not SGs), including photos and serial numbers for your convenience. There are more than 9,000 photos right now, classified by serial number and year. I do not log nicknames and do...
  6. zorglub!

    It took 40 years but.....

    We would love to hear more about the '60 Burst please! :wow:
  7. zorglub!

    Where are all the vintage plain tops?

    If you browse the Burst faces section you will be able to see a ton of plaintops.
  8. zorglub!

    Sorry for the interruption,What is this??

    The guitar is good, the auction is not.
  9. zorglub!

    52/57 Conversion Ebay Europe

    I am so happy so are still enjoying my old conversion. And sad to see so many scams floating around... I guess scammers recognize good guitars! Specially with that detailed description I wrote... This photo is from 2005, when I got it from Charlie...
  10. zorglub!

    NEW site with NEW features!

    The new site is now LIVE!!! After 10 years the site has grown and evolved so much, that it really deserved to be refreshed. With almost 9,000 photos classified per serial number, and 6 millions hits per year, the new platform allows for brand new features like: Much...
  11. zorglub!

    Second Coming 59 Burst!!!

    Thanks for sharing!
  12. zorglub!

    Mississauga Ontario 1959 Burst, Greg Koch ripping it!

    Any more info on this guitar? Serial number, please? :)
  13. zorglub!

    Let's See Your Vintage Goldtops

    Great looking goldtops in this thread! :dude: Here is my '53, the one I got from my buddy EdA, my one and only Les Paul... And the HUGE resolution version here. Click here to see a HUGE and detailed version of this photo. Then for a different approach, these are some old...
  14. zorglub!

    early 60s 335 ???

    sounds good, let's see some pics
  15. zorglub!

    1960 Les Paul 0 7442

    Thanks for sharing photos of your beautiful guitar.
  16. zorglub!

    A few photos of Cowtown's uncirculated '59 that I snapped earlier this year...

    Thanks for sharing your amazing photos!
  17. zorglub!

    Possible 58-59 Les Paul No Serial No.

    What about this...? Marc Bolan Les Paul : NAMM Show
  18. zorglub!

    Mark Knopfler plays his 1958 burst

    For those interested in his '58 the serial number is 8 6811 and you can find it in the galleries here. Before removing the added switch: After the repair:
  19. zorglub!

    Possible 58-59 Les Paul No Serial No.

    All I can say is my photos are from the mid '90s.
  20. zorglub!

    Im going to Guitars The Museum..

    Thanks for all the photos!

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