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  1. mfolet

    Most Desirable Runs of Historic R9 Les Pauls

    Dont for get CC #2 Goldie Gloss
  2. mfolet

    Bobbin color under new custombuckers

    Seen some first hand.
  3. mfolet

    Need recommended PAF clones for 2022

    Wizz Red Eye set is killer.I just put a set in my 60th Anniversary R0 .
  4. mfolet

    Bobbin color under new custombuckers

    60th anniversary R0s have random double whites .
  5. mfolet

    SOLS TEYE Emperor Azteca TQ Bedouine

    SOLD/ 2020 TEYE Emperor series Azteca Turquoise 2PU Bedouine inlaid Neck ,COA and Hardshell case $5850 pp/shipped CONUS. Korina body and neck with maple cap.Ebony fretboard with Bodouine inlays. Aluminum plates with Aztec design . 8.11 lbs Shallow D, 24 fret korina/ebony neck .850" 1st fret...
  6. mfolet

    NGD! 2021 R7 - Purists Beware!

    Love it.great color.Congrats
  7. mfolet

    2018 Gibson Brazilian Les Paul Standard Thread

    One of my old Braz,
  8. mfolet

    NGD MTM 60th Anni R0

  9. mfolet

    NGD MTM 60th Anni R0

    Its supposed to be Golden Poppy Burst but it looks like Dark Burst to me,happy Holidays to you as welll.
  10. mfolet

    NGD 2021 Dirty lemon

    Nice top.Congrats
  11. mfolet

    NGD MTM 60th Anni R0

    Thanks,its VOS and Curt picked the top as it is a Made to Measure.
  12. mfolet

    NGD MTM 60th Anni R0

    It came with reflectors but two were smashed in shipping.I had a set of true historic knobs and went with those.
  13. mfolet

    NGD MTM 60th Anni R0

    I have been trying different things out.So here I am back to Les Pauls and Explorers.These were the guitars I learned to play on and they feel right at home for me.The '58 fret wire and v2 '60 neck made all the difference to me on this one.It feels just right.It sings and is very dynamic. I'm...
  14. mfolet

    NGD MTM 60th Anni R0

    Yes Im back and this is my first 1960 reissue.This one spoke to me and I couldn't be happier.Thanks Curt at the HOG for making this happen.
  15. mfolet

    SOLD EBMM JP15 Quilt/ Birdseye


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