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    Compressor Pedals Appreciation and Suggestions

    I have three different JangleBox's and I use an Origin SlideRig. But for best over all, the JangleBox is the best for me...~!
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    Funny how strings can make a overall difference.

    I've used nothing but Pyramid's for the last 28 years! Good German quality and very musical besides they last for about 5-6 times longer because of the quality of the materials!
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    Who makes a case to fit a 58 style V

    I would think that the early, original cases would be pretty expensive. I don't think you'd want to buy just a one-off from Geib. Those would probably run you $400-500 bucks..
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    Seeking Recommendation for a Wrap Around Bridge for a ES-335 Guitar

    Music Zoo in New York has two Sunburst ES-335’s with wrapover bridges in place of the stock ABR-1 bridge!
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    GWB goes to HM, and other acronyms (she's home!)

    Kim has done six or seven guitars of mine over the last 14 years! I would have no qualms about sending him a guitar to re-do! Their craftsmanship is outstanding!
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    Monty Greeny set

    Albatros was recorded using a Strat. Peter said everyone thought I used the Les Paul, but it was my Strat..
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    Murphy Labs still with flaking issues?...Sweetwater has a 60s light aged on sale

    My Murphy Lab is from this past June, No Finish issues!. I have a friend of mine's here from last January and no issues either
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    Murphy Lab

    They are stood up in a freezer, not sprayed..
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    Played a Murphy Lab Today

    I think what the issue is that being a new department, they don't quiet have it together yet..I know mine is pretty amazing, but I have one here that belongs to a friend of mine and it was made in January. It pretty well blows..
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    Murphy lab basic questions

    Well, I look at it like this.. We could be playing on USA models which are way off of what the Custom Shop builds! They have gotten better since JC took over, but they're a far cry from the True Historic's! I remember back in 2005 I bought a Custom Shop `61 SG Std. and then sent it to Kim @ HM...
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    Gibson Finishes

    From what I've been told, Tom Murphy took some finish from a `50's Gibson and had it Analyzed and duplicated and this is what the Murphy Lab guitars use. Custom Shop uses the same stuff they've used for a number of years now. The ML guitars have a different finish.
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    Thorphy- The Bunker

    Anyone have this or use it. The demo sounds pretty nice. Thanks!!
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    Best Replica Kluson Tuners?

    I'm wondering who makes the best Replica Kluson's that don't slip. The ones that came on my ML R-9 suck!! I don't want to install Grovers as my ML doesn't need the added low end or sustain. I'd like to find some that look like Kluson's, but that work better & turn smoother.. Thanks!!
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    T-Tops vs. Wizz vs. Monty's

    I went with the Wizz. they actually sound the best in this guitar. The stickered T-Tops (with A-4 magnets) sounded good, but something about the Wizz that just sound better. I also tried a couple of sets of 10 year old ThroBaks.. The Wizz just brought out something that the other's didn't. I...
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    Murphy lab basic questions

    Kinda like they were back in the days in Kalamazoo. I've seen/played original's that were beauties and some that were dogs. I have friends who've had some really great Bursts and have had ones that were just so-so. No different today. The thing to do is listen with your eyes closed. It's all...
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    Kluson's..Who makes the best ones?

    LtDave32: Thanks! I really appreciate the insight and info. I am a dealer for WD and get them at cost so prices aren't a problem. But I've met Trev a number of times over the decades at shows and it just totally slipped my mind about his stuff. Most of his products I've tried are great. BTW...
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    Kluson's..Who makes the best ones?

    I was wondering what Kluson reproductions are the best overall? I have issues with the ones on my ML R-9 as they slip alot. I don't want to go the Grover route as these are just fine. They just don't stay intune. The only reason I switch to Grovers is if they don't help the sustain. Thanks!!
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    Murphy lab basic questions

    ```The finish they use for the ML's is different from the Custom Shop. Murphy took some original lacquer and had it analyized and duplicated and that's what's used on the ML guitars. The finish checking is done by freezing, no more razor blades! All the aging is done by hand. I got one of the...
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    1960 Burst Content

    He could make Taco Bell Farts sound good..
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    1960 Les Paul’s

    You mean this one?

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