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  1. huffdaddy

    NYPD vs. FDNY Hockey Fight

    Charity hockey game between depts. results in brawl ! :laugh2: Brawl Breaks-Out At NYPD, FDNY Charity Hockey Game...
  2. huffdaddy

    Amazing GoPro Footage of Felix Baumgartner's Space Jump

    Sorry if this has been posted already... Incredible new first-person view of Felix Baumgartner's space jump
  3. huffdaddy

    Hey Caleb ! I Like Your New Video !

    Here it is, nice work buddy ! :applause:
  4. huffdaddy

    Wind Turbine Construction ( Pic Heavy )

    There has been quite a bit of debate about green energy on here lately. I also know many here are interested in construction (eg. Hack's pond pics), so I thought some might be interested in seeing what goes into one of these things. This was many years from planning to operation, but was...
  5. huffdaddy

    Rush/Lifeson fans : Get Your Order In !

    Here is the website... LERXST Amplification Youtube video won't embed, but link works.
  6. huffdaddy

    Tony the Tiger Thinks its grrrrR8 !

    According to Mark's "Name the Flame" thread, I would say this counts as Tiger Flame ? I've had this thing for almost a year. Never posted a NGD thread because I've been trying to get some info from Gibson about it. I don't think thats ever coming so here it is... 2011 R8, special ordered from...
  7. huffdaddy

    Zeppelin on CBS News Sunday Morning

    CBS Sunday Morning is going to do a piece on Led Zeppelin for anyone watching TV this morning.
  8. huffdaddy

    25th Wedding Anniversary

    On this day, a quarter of a century ago, I made the best decision of my life. (No, I didn't switch to Geico) Thanks to my wife for 25 great years ! :thumb: Looking forward to the next 50 years........then I am SO outta there ! :laugh2:
  9. huffdaddy

    Rush Content (RRHoF):Hell Must Have Frozen Over

    Rush, Public Enemy, Deep Purple Nominated for Rock and Roll Hall of Fame | Music News | Rolling Stone Rush has finally been nominated for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. :thumb: The end of the world really must be near !
  10. huffdaddy

    Anyone Watching the Grammy Awards ?

    Man, Adele can really sing ! But lots of lip-synching going on with some of the other "performers" !
  11. huffdaddy

    Rush Fans ! Today's Date 2.1.12

    There IS Les Paul content.. Rush - 2112 Overture / Temples Of Syrinx (Live Rush in Rio) HD - YouTube Hold the red star proudly high in hand ! :thumb:
  12. huffdaddy

    Going To See Tool Tomorrow Night !

    I've never seen them before and I have great seats ! Anyone here seen them before ? Can I expect a good show ?
  13. huffdaddy

    Ghosts of Christmases Past

    Out of deference to River, I didn't want to bump the "Do You Get Depressed at Christmas Thread" and this isn't intended to be a "bummer" thread anyway. However, I do find myself this time of year experiencing feelings of what I would describe as melancholy. I get nostalgic about Christmases of...
  14. huffdaddy

    Attention : Drummers and Rush Fans

    I know, what's a drummer ? But I know there are a few Rush fans here. This week, The David Letterman Show is having "Drum Solo Week" featuring different percussionists every night. On Thursday's show, Neil Peart is supposed to be making a rare TV appearance with a drum solo ! No...
  15. huffdaddy

    Alex Lifeson Discusses Latest Tour Rig

    Blakem posted a video a couple weeks ago with Alex's tech discussing his equipment. Here is Alex talking about the Time Machine Tour set-up. At 5:20 he touts the new Lifeson Les Paul Access. YouTube - Alex Lifeson Interview: His Complete Gear Setup For Rush's "Time Machine Tour 2011"
  16. huffdaddy

    Old Rock Star Songs

    Not sure if this has been posted before, but good for a laugh in the Backstage. We could use a few ! Old Rock Star Songs from comedian Tim Hawkins. Classic Rock Songs updated for the singer’s age.
  17. huffdaddy

    Cry Baby Movie

    Ledfloyd posted a thread about this in the "pedal" section, but for those that missed it, you can watch the entire movie online now at this link... Cry Baby: The Pedal that Rocks the World
  18. huffdaddy

    NHL Ref Reaches Puberty !

    This poor guy's voice cracks as he makes his call... YouTube - NHL Ref Chris Rooney Voice Fail | Jan 26th, 2011
  19. huffdaddy

    Power Handling Question

    Running an 18 watt tube amp into a 1 x 12. Out the "line out" of the back of the amp (through a delay), I am slaving a 100 watt solid state amp into a Marshallax 4 x 12. My question is, what is the power going into the 4 x 12 ? (I hope I explained that ok.)
  20. huffdaddy

    My "Grinchy" Rant

    Does there seem to be a proliferation of daytime TV people (Oprah, Ellen etc.) giving away expensive "Christmas" gifts to their studio audiences ? I guess there is nothing wrong with that, but what bothers me most is the way these people act when they find out they are getting their free stuff...

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