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    1963/64 jtm 45

    Here is a simple iPhone recording of my very late 1963 more early 1964 JTM 45, Les Paul Replica (Replica #2). [/IMG]
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    1956 Gibson Les Paul Goldtop

    No affiliation whatsoever but I just saw this on craigslist. 1956 Gibson Les Paul Goldtop
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    FS 4 Amber Tophat Knobs off of R7

    Free Shipping Lower 48 $15 No Trades Please
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    FS UNOPENED RS Guitar Works Aged Nickel Grovers

    I never even opened the package. It was meant for my Replica #2 but I never installed them. Free Shipping Lower 48 via USPS $50 plus 3% Paypal No Trades Please
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    FS Custom Shop R9 Wiring Complete Harness Pickguard and M69's

    Wiring harness, M69's, and Pickguard from my 2007 Gibson Custom Shop R9. Sorry no toggle switch & wire included. Free shipping to the lower 48 USPS $115 plus 3% Paypal No Trades Please
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    FS 2007 Burst Buckers Pickups

    For Sale This is a pair of nickel Gibson Burst Bucker humbuckers, manufactured in September 24, 2007. Both show light aging from play. I pulled these out of my 2007 Gibson Custom Shop R9 The bridge position (BB2) measures 8.1K ohms. The neck position (BB1) measures 7.65K ohms. Free...
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    FS ***1965 Fender Vibrolux Reverb***

    1965 Blackface Fender Vibrolux Reverb Guitar Amp SoundClick artist: 30 West - page with MP3 music downloads $3000 + Shipping (to be determined) Lower 48 only. Needless to say, I'd much prefer a local Atlanta deal and/or pickup. Production #5 Date September 1965 [IO] stamp All...
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    RS Guitar Works 4th of July sale

    RS Guitarworks is celebrating this 4th of July Holiday by offering a 30% off sale on all RS Guitarworks Superpots (RSG1, RSG2, RSG3, RSG4) in the store! 30% Off All RS Superpots This Week! RS Guitarworks will be slashing prices by 30% on all of our world-famous Superpots...
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    Replica #1 PAF's & Fender Blackface Deluxe I have been working with my new recording interface and here is the latest effort. The song Have you Ever Loved a Woman on my Replica #1, Neck PAF 8.0k, Bridge PAF 8.2k through a 1966 Fender Blackface Deluxe Reverb with a JBL D-120...
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    M-Audio ProFire 610

    M-Audio ProFire 610 I have use this as my main recording audio interface for a while now and it has always been a great little home studio recording device. I just upgraded to an Universal Audio Apollo and no longer need her. Everything that came with it when I bought it is included. Power...
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    Pete Cornish SS3

    Virtually brand new Pete Cornish SS3. Price $810 with PayPal Gift or add 3% ($25) and free Shipping via USPS Priority to the lower 48 States
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    Beano Tone?

    I don't play like Clapton so be warned :D. But, I thought this recording sounded pretty close to the elusive "Beano Tone". If anything the sustain was spot on at least. Amp's Volume on 7, no effects in front but a little reverb added in Protools after the recording was made. Les Paul Replica...
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    PAF tone Test.....again

    Here we go...again: SoundClick artist: 30 West - page with MP3 music downloads I'm always trying to catch that highly selective and illusive "PAF" tone. I know everyone has their idea but for me a BF Fender and a PAF go hand in hand for clean recordings. Sorry for the first bad (although...
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    F/S: Brand New Lindy Fralin P-90

    I bought these Lindy Fralin P-90's for a Gibson R6 but never installed them. I ordered them on 9/8/2011 directly from Lindy. The Bridge is stock and the Neck is 10% under wound per Lindy's recommendation for the best and most realistic vintage tone. Also included is a 500K Push Pull pot for a...
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    1969 Led Zeppelin

    I don't know if this was posted yet or not but it is Zep from 1969 in France. Led Zeppelin 6/19/1969 Paris 16mm Unreleased Rehearsal and Live Footage - YouTube
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    F/s Timbuckers Tim White Double White PAF Style Pickup

    I've had these pickups for a few years and they are just sitting in my parts drawer. They were previously installed in an R9 and they sounded great. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. P.M.'s will be answered in order and if I do not respond for a while that just means I'm...
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    Bartlett Bursts

    Bartlett Burst #1 Bartlett Burst #2 Bartlett Burst #1 Bartlett Burst #2 Bartlett Bursts #1 & 2
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    PAF Three Tones

    I was sitting around today and recorded this short Mp3. The pickups are 1959 Long Magnet PAF's, Neck 8.0k and Bridge 8.1k. My goal was to try and really demonstrate "that PAF tone". I know that is an all too used term but before members tear into me.....I was just having fun and thought some...
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    Atlanta CL add: Gibson Les Paul Custom 3 Pick Up from 90's

    Wrong section please remove.... No affiliation at all but here is a local Atlanta Les Paul Custom with flames and three pickups if anyone is interested. Craigslist: Gibson Les Paul Custom 3 Pick Up from 90's
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    Two Different Flavors of Flame

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