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  1. RobP

    Another Skinner VOS NGD

    Looks great! Enjoy:thumb:
  2. RobP

    Another VOS Skinner Burst NGD

    Congrats! Guitar looks killer!
  3. RobP

    Video demo of my 2013 R8

    Sounds awesome!
  4. RobP

    NGD Lemon Burst R8 2014

    Very nice! Congrats:thumb:
  5. RobP


    Amazing guitars! Fantastic pic! :thumb:
  6. RobP

    I've Beano'd my Shanks

    Looks killer! Love it!:thumb:
  7. RobP

    NGD - 2013 R9 Heavy Aged 'Stanley'

    Very nice! Congrats!
  8. RobP

    NGD 2013 VOS R8 Washed Cherry

    Welcome! Looks great! :thumb:
  9. RobP

    @@@ Gibson Collectors Choice#9 "Believer Burst" come to my home @@@

    Killer...congrats! Beautiful guitar!:applause:
  10. RobP

    NGD: 2013 Allman with pics!

    Nice one! Looks fantastic! Enjoy!:applause:
  11. RobP

    my brand new 2013 R8 Lemon!

    Congrats! :thumb:
  12. RobP

    I'm not one to brag but what the heck...NGD!

    Killer guitar! Looks amazing! Enjoy!:thumb:
  13. RobP

    Sweet Sunrise Tea 2013 R9 from the L.O.G.

    Congrats! Looks fantastic!:applause:
  14. RobP

    Introducing CC#16 RedEye SN007

    Nice one! Congrats! :thumb:
  15. RobP

    The evolution of my Perryburst

    Looks Awesome! Well done! :thumb:
  16. RobP

    Over head shots of 20th ann murhpy

    Very nice :thumb:
  17. RobP

    My Collectors Choice Guitars.

    Awesome guitars! Thanks for sharing:applause:
  18. RobP

    New,20th anniv Murhpy Burst Come to Daddy.

    Fantastic! Enjoy! :thumb:
  19. RobP

    NGD : CC 9A Vic DaPra "The Believer Burst"

    Absolutely beautiful! Congrats!
  20. RobP

    Meet the 1st Year R9 (made in 1993)

    Sweet guitar! Thanks for sharing!:thumb:

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