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  1. 1neeto

    Marshall DSL 15

    Old thread but I couldn’t praise the DSL20 more. They can be had for dirt cheap used, and with those 34’s in the power section, it sounds much louder than the 20 watt rating suggests.
  2. 1neeto


    Yeah for just 20 watts, it’s quite loud and great tone! I wouldn’t mind that one. Should be great for practicing! Thanks! My LP is nothing fancy, it’s a 2016 studio faded but she delivers!
  3. 1neeto


    Isn’t this a beautiful pair? Couldn’t pass it up. 2018 Marshall DSL20CR, and this thing really rips!
  4. 1neeto

    Favorite Distortion?

    Does the little big muff counts? I also dig my Vox Copperhead Drive.
  5. 1neeto

    NGD! SG inside

    Well did the irresponsible adult thing and ended up getting the LTD as well!
  6. 1neeto

    NGD! SG inside

    Nice! There’s always that one guitar you’ll never get rid of. The neck is what I like the most about this guitar. Thanks! Sure is an awesome guitar!
  7. 1neeto

    NGD! SG inside

    It’s a ‘98 supposedly, and the ebony board was definitely a focus point. A week later and she gets tons of play.
  8. 1neeto

    PRS S2 594 vs S2 Custom 24

    The S2 Standard 22 I used to own was well put together. The tuners are the same as the cores, so I’m surprised yours were crap. The pickups are the same as SE’s Korean-made. Adequate, but nothing special. Overall fit and finish surpasses my Studio by quite a bit. But I couldn’t stand how it...
  9. 1neeto

    NGD! SG inside

    Ain’t that right! Beautiful SG’s! The SG lingo is a bit lost on me but what do you mean by bat wings? Is it the pick guard? It’s the only thing I see that resemble bat wings. here’s a fun video I made the day I got it. I’m a ok player a bit past beginner, but I’m just having a blast.
  10. 1neeto

    NGD! SG inside

    SG feeling like a strat is the most accurate description I can think of. I’ve played mostly strat style guitars, so no wonder I feel much at home on what feels like a shorter scale strat. And whoever said that SG’s sound thin is full of it. This guitar sounds very full, and also even more...
  11. 1neeto

    NGD! SG inside

    Lester’s little brother, and I couldn’t be happier. Gifted to myself for my birthday, and it’s my first SG, and I have to say “now I get it”. All these years I saw the SG as that weird Gibson only Angus Young, and Tommy Iommi fans like. No idea why I never even tried one, it was pure ignorance...
  12. 1neeto

    Thought it would be fun to put my Katana 50 MKII against my Mesa and pedals.

    Had fun doing this. Since everyone raves about how great that $250 Boss box is, myself included. I figured why not put them head to head. Warning, I’m not a pro player or YouTuber. Put the thing together with my phone. :D
  13. 1neeto

    How loud are you guys running your amps?

    My little 20 watt Mesa can make some noise. I haven’t measured the Eb level but from where I’m playing, I say it’s around 70db.
  14. 1neeto

    Let’s Talk Attenuators

    I used a DR. Z Brake-Lite for a while, and I like it. Pretty cool to push my power tubes with it.
  15. 1neeto

    NGD - How good is the 2021 Sterling by Music Man CT50 Cutlass?

    SBMM guitars are great instruments. I have a 2018 SBMM Majesty, and the build quality, hardware, and just about everything else rivals my USA made instruments. The factory pickups could use an upgrade, but it’s an amazing guitar I reach for quite often. Before the Majesty, I used to have a 2013...
  16. 1neeto

    NGD! LP wannabe with birdies on the fretboard

    One thing I forgot to take into account is that the LP has old strings. They don’t sound dead yet (love EB paradigms), but they’re a good two months old. Thanks for watching man. I had fun for sure.
  17. 1neeto

    NGD! LP wannabe with birdies on the fretboard

    So I did put the PRS vs the LP Studio head to head. I hope you guys enjoy this!
  18. 1neeto

    NGD! LP wannabe with birdies on the fretboard

    Thanks guys! Yeah she sure is a looker! And those pickups sound amazing!
  19. 1neeto

    NGD! LP wannabe with birdies on the fretboard

    opportunity seized! Traded an S2 PRS, and a rare Ibanez for it. I was sure I would own a Gibby LP custom before a PRS core, but here I am. 2014 SC245.
  20. 1neeto

    Strap locks help

    Can’t recommend Shallers enough. They may cost as much as a nice guitar strap, but worth every penny. They can be noisy though but that’s a minor setback.

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