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  1. Pennyman

    Hey MLP, long time, no see. Another Rainbow Bridge Thread

    As the title suggests... Haven't been hanging around here for a while, but I've read many of these Rainbow Bridge threads here over the years, and I knew one day I'd be writing my own, so here goes. Juno was a Maltese cross, although we never fully established what the "cross" was. He made it...
  2. Pennyman

    RockDoc-Biopics: Queen vs. Mötley Crüe

    Let me start by saying I am a pretty huge fan of Queen, but not at all a fan of Mötley Crüe. Deal with that as you will. The Queen biopic, for all its faults and freewheeling discrepancies with the timeline of actual events, was an enjoyable romp through the formation, life & times of Queen. I...
  3. Pennyman

    Another "What Are the Odds?" Thread.

    I am a schoolteacher at an international school in Singapore. A couple of weeks ago I found a letter in my mailbox cubby addressed to our campus and "Any Gr. X Teacher." There are four of us on our particular team, and we actually have 2 campuses. I opened the envelope and there were two...
  4. Pennyman

    The "Sweet Victory" Controversy - WTF?

    I'd never heard of this song until after the SB, when Twitter, Reddit, etc, all went up in arms over why M5 didn't play this song. So, against my better judgment, I looked it up. Not only does it not sound like anything by M5 I've ever heard, but it's a literal representation of what it means...
  5. Pennyman

    Your Favourite "Characters" from Songs

    For me, #1 has to be "Sammy," from Queen, Spread Your Wings.
  6. Pennyman

    GM is Making an Electric Bike As a cyclist, I have mixed feelings about e-bikes and this current wave of PMDs fighting for pedestrian and road space, but that's another thread. I'm actually glad to see a major car company doing...
  7. Pennyman

    GM is Making an Electric Bike As a cyclist, I have mixed feelings about e-bikes and this current wave of PMDs fighting for pedestrian and road space, but that's another thread. I'm actually glad to see a major car company doing...
  8. Pennyman

    An Enlightening Read for Those who Hate Road Cyclists

    Read it with an open mind, and keep in mind that cyclists are trying to preserve their lives. And maybe yours, too.
  9. Pennyman

    What's with the "New Threads" Alert?

    On the right side of my screen, I am suddenly seeing a "New Threads" window. I don't recall adjusting my settings to request it, how can I make it go away?
  10. Pennyman

    Another CK + Nike Thread

    Keep yer politics in yer pants. This, I can get behind. Or in front of. Or under.
  11. Pennyman

    Brazilian Museum Burns, 20 Million Artifacts Destroyed

    A bit surprised this hasn't been brought up here... Brazil's National Museum went up in flames last night, and due to poor (i.e. NO) fire suppression in-place, and dry hydrants at the scene, firefighters could do little more than watch. A tragedy for science and humanities, really. The museum...
  12. Pennyman

    Another "Bummed Out" Thread. Some Rambling.

    My dad died just a few weeks before I turned 14. Now midway thru my 48th year (49th, technically), I crunched some numbers and came to the realization that, by the end of this week, I will be older than my dad was when he passed. This has hit me... well, not hard, but it's definitely in the...
  13. Pennyman

    GPS Biking Apps - Issues

    I've tried both MapMyRide and Runtastic Road Bike, but they both cack out and lose the GPS signal (or go into power-saving mode) after about 20 minutes. Cannot figure out how to fix it. It's an Android phone, I'm kind of new to the OS so I haven't gotten it all figured out yet...
  14. Pennyman

    What's Your Earliest Musical Memory?

    Inspired by a conversation I had a few weeks ago with a colleague (OK, my principal, who's a member of my ukulele ensemble, which is another story altogether...) She always wants to know, "What's the strumming pattern?" To which, I have to always think hard about what I'm doing. For example...
  15. Pennyman

    Mark this Day on the Calendar, Men....

    After nearly 7 1/2 years of marriage, my wife actually admitted to.... (....wait for it....) Being in the Wrong. AND, she apologized. :shock: She's up to something, I can feel it.... :hmm:
  16. Pennyman

    I am WINNING This Weekend!

    Been thinking about getting a new phone. Was all set to buy a Xiaomi for $250+, but then I saw that my local provider had the new Huawei on pre-offer for $249. Figured I'd look into it. Turns out I have (had) and $200 voucher with my provider. Why? Dunno, duncare. I pulled the trigger on the...
  17. Pennyman

    Switching from iOS to Android. Advice?

    I'm buying a new phone soon and I'm looking at a "budget" Android phone (Xiaomi Mi A1, gets pretty good reviews.) Don't want to spend a lot, and this phone looks like it has pretty much everything I'll need. I know, it's just an OS and I'll get used to it, and probably fairly quickly, but just...
  18. Pennyman

    "Florida Boy" gets an early start

    Florida boy can't wait to become "Florida Man," gets trapped inside toy vending machine. What is in the water down there?
  19. Pennyman

    "Poop Knife"? Bwa-hahahaaaa!

    I read this the other day and haven't stopped chuckling about it. I hope James R reads this, I expect he could use a good laugh today. My family poops big. Maybe it's genetic, maybe it's our diet, but everyone births giant logs of crap. If anyone has laid a mega-poop, you know that sometimes...
  20. Pennyman

    Spalted Maple Madness

    I just bought another ukulele (not that I needed it), but it does sound rather sweet. And, the back! The back! Pretty sure I bought it more for this than for any other logical reason...

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