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  1. frankthomson

    recommend? wireless headset mic?

    any opinions? im in the market for one and was wondering if u guys had any opinions>:wave:
  2. frankthomson

    fat tele schematic?

    I have a 96 MIM fattele....(HB and a single coil in bridge) prob 10 yrs ago I switched out the control plate when I switched out the neck pup and installed a single coil G&L neck pup. when I did this, I clearly marked the SS(selector switch) where each wire was soldered for the HB (wh, bl...
  3. frankthomson

    Roy Clark

    :applause: Roy Clark - The Guitar Wizard! 1971 - YouTube
  4. frankthomson

    tele; vintage wiring to modern wiring HELP

    my seafoam green 62ri Fender tele came with the vintage wiring (the neck pup is total mud/no tone eVar).... anyone have a schematic to change to modern wiring? thx :)
  5. frankthomson

    "other" SG's?....tokai SG help

    hi...wondering if anyone knows anything about a SG serial number 2012187... it looks like a 70's model with the baby block 'custom' inlays....also looks to have a big hard neck tenon. I cant seem find a serial number dater online help please thx :wave:
  6. frankthomson

    what do i have here?

    sup?:cool: got a LP in trade...model LPCGEBCHI, serial #1045215xx is this a classic? its got exposed HBs, black and white im not sure if dood changed the TRC, because it says nothing any info/help would be appreciated!....thx :D
  7. frankthomson

    USA Martin $899 (local p/u 19803)

    local to philly/del/md/?? zip is 19803 bottom line: a usa martin for $899 firm its in pristine condition (only played it twice IN HOME) comes w/ OHSC. its less than 2 mo's old!!! Custom D Mahoghany. has a spruce top AND top binding comes w beautiful Martin OHSC its brand spankin...
  8. frankthomson

    is a DC an *other* LP??

    lol so i just scored as 2002 DC, in Honeyburst, 24fret, gold hdwe, gold grovers, binding on neck, natural binding on body, standard badge, OHSC w/ shroud was this a special run???...... dood got it at samash in cherryhill nj
  9. frankthomson

    what model SG is this??

    so what do i have here? dood said its a 2012 faded model? single ply PG?? wraptail?? firebrand?? help!!!....thx.
  10. frankthomson

    new 07 LPC....i.d. help?

    hi..just scooped up a 2007 LPC in white OMG :shock::shock::shock::cool::dude: cs76570 can anyone decephier the code? is it any kind of a special edition, on RI? fwiw, it prob the best LP or LPC ive owned, and thats saying something having owned over 30 in my life. special edition or...
  11. frankthomson

    52 proto for $28K???

    i have no affiliation with this its a PSA :slash: enjoy 1952 Gibson Les Paul Prototype
  12. frankthomson

    CRAIGSLIST winner

    :shock::shock: :laugh2: IBANEZ ARTCORE
  13. frankthomson

    some guitars: fenders/gibbo SGjrRI/misc

    i gots 3 nashville fender teles 1) sunburst, GC, RW...$375 2) red, 99% mint, RW...$450 3) white, 99% mint, RW....$450 Fernandes 'Native X' No issues, just a neat little axe thats fun to play!!!...In very good condition except for 1-2 dings (under forearm area_ . Does not effect...
  14. frankthomson

    PRS: wtf's up wit da birds??

    i think it's ghey. imo :wave:
  15. frankthomson

    *V* ID help?

    so....what yr?...mfg?...?? any help is appreciated. thx. :D
  16. frankthomson


    always check last post for current info/$$ GIBSON USA LPC RARE mapleboard '75............3500 GIBSON USA LPCustom 1990 white.................2200 GIBSON USA LPCustom 1983 dk maroon........1750 MIJ Fender Tele pearlbindngmatchHS................600 USA Fender Strat '97...
  17. frankthomson


    see new thread.,.............
  18. frankthomson

    10 guitars FS

    10.15.11 please check LAST post in this thread for any new info/pix, sold items, or lowered $ items (as this post cant be edited) GIBSON USA LPCustom 1983/NOT mint..............1850 MIJ Fender Tele pearlbindngmatchHS 50thAnn....699 USA Fender Strat '97 SB/RW...........................599...
  19. frankthomson

    Epi LPC John Connolly, MIK, HotRodFlameTop

    $399 firm + ship in excellent condition, MIK (made in korea) with REAL USA Gibson pickups STOCK, maple board w/ black squares, 99%mint, chambered body, bound board/neck, carved flame-maple top!!, MOP headstock inlay, set neck. GIBSON USA pickups,... all stock, w/ gigbag ... flame graphic...
  20. frankthomson

    NGD 2mro

    yep. peniserectis.:applause:

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