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  1. espvh

    50th Anniversary Epi Custom?

    Hi all, looking at a 50th anniversary Epi Custom. Anybody here have any experience with one? Are they decent? I think it was made in Korea. It looks to be in pretty good shape, what would be the value, with the hard shell case? Thanks!!
  2. espvh

    Wtb Black LP ish…..

    Hi all looking for a black Les Paul, could be a Gibson Studio, an Epi custom, LTD EC-1000, Agile…..on the cheap, lmk.
  3. espvh

    Kramer Baretta C-Plate?

    Hi, any one here interested in my road worn, scoff joint fixed c-plate Kramer Baretta? Might be looking for a Les Paul in wine red.....
  4. espvh

    Late '80's Gibson USA Satin Jacket?

    Hi all, I have a late '80's black Gibson satin jacket, that was worn twice, it's a size large and just say's "Gibson USA" on the back in this thing worth anything?
  5. espvh

    NGD=Malmsteen \m/

    Here is my new 2014 Malmsteen Stratocaster, great quality, fit, finish, sound, feel, the whole 9 yards, really good set-up straight from the factory as well & one of the only, or at least first, crushed red velvet case interior that I've seen, pretty cool.
  6. espvh

    Ace Frehley's house in foreclosure.....

    Say it aint so Ace......(sorry if this is a repost) Former KISS guitarist Ace Frehley's house in foreclosure: report - NY Daily News
  7. espvh

    WANTED: Les Paul Studio in Amber/Lemon etc

    Hey, looking for a Les Paul Studio in an amber, trans amber, lemon, or a yellowish burst finish, let me know. THANKS!
  8. espvh

    Any interest in a Greg Bennett Fastback "Wolfie"?

    Greg Bennett discussing the Fastback line of Samick Guitars. Video by - Myspace Video I have to admit, it is pretty sweet, let me know........... (make sure you check the vid at the top of the post)
  9. espvh

    WANTED: Daphne Blue Strat

    Just sayin', must have a maple fretboard, let me know, some Squiers ok but no Affinity's or Bullets:)
  10. espvh

    2 pics of the Fender family

  11. espvh

    WTB: A Blue quilt Epi Les Paul

    Wanted: A Blue quilt Epi Les Paul, like this one:
  12. espvh

    Who's Purple LP on the bay?

    #220957385382 Purple Custom with maple fretboard....STUNNER!!!!!!:wow:
  13. espvh

    I'm looking to buy a blue Epi LP, got pics?

    Hi all, I'm looking to buy a blue Epi LP, but not sure if I'm leaning twords midnight blue, Manhattan blue, tiger stipes, quilt, burst etc, so, got any pics? Anyone selling? Thanks!
  14. espvh

    Jonesing for a Studio with binding....

    Hey all, I want another LP, preferably a Studio with binding. I would like to see some pics and hear some ideas on pricing. Thanks!
  15. espvh

    ATV advice needed......

    Living in the Northeast poses some snow issues from time to time, along with broken snowblower issues from time to time, so I came to the conclusion that I want an ATV. I figured why get another snowblower when I can do more, and have more fun with a quad, so I narrowed it down to a few specs...
  16. espvh

    POLL poll

    Just wondering, do you answer polls?..... :)
  17. espvh

    Is there a way to thin out a p/u?

    Hey, I installed a humbucking rail in the bridge position of my strat, to thicken it up a bit, and boy did it, now it's a little to muddy, and I don't feel like playing with the amps eq's every time. So, is there a way, or trick, to thin out a fat sounding pick-up?
  18. espvh

    My USA Strat w/ a TOG p/u

    My Olympic white USA Strat with a TOG 12k Alnico 5 bridge rail pick up ($20.00) :applause: A tad muddy but pretty good! Anyway:
  19. espvh

    WTB: Fender scalloped Strat neck

    WTB: Fender scalloped Strat neck, let me know.
  20. espvh

    WTB MIJ YJM Strat

    Wanted: Made in Japan, (cheaper $), Yngwie J Malmsteen Fender Stratocaster, let me know.

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