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  1. lassie

    ABR1 - the real McCoy?

    You can find info about that bridge here Including Mr. Stephen talking down other reputable hardware makers and so on… Regarding the video: have only watched the bits where the guitar gets played. Reminds me of a Faber bridge which made my guitar sound rather dull…
  2. lassie

    *** 1950's ABR1 Saddles ***

    Totally understand that you put a lot of effort into this. And I know that the bridge makes a obvious difference. But when you ask 400€ for a bridge there should be at least a showcase somewhere where the differences between your bridge, a vintage one and maybe the stock ABR1 get highlighted...
  3. lassie

    *** 1950's ABR1 Saddles ***

    Yeah, did that, 400€ for an ABR1 are hard to swallow. I thought Pigtail was expensive, but now they seem like a bargain.
  4. lassie

    *** 1950's ABR1 Saddles ***

    Anybody else tried them and compared them to the Pigtail ABR? Very tempted to order a set.
  5. lassie

    I'm shocked and amazed.

    There were bursts that were wired „modern“ back in the day, too. But you are right, the so called 50s wiring sounds better.
  6. lassie

    Bare Knuckle Humbucker Guidance

    I would say either Rebel Yell or Holy Diver as an Aldrich replacement. If you want something a little bit more open and bigger sounding, try the VHII. What don’t you like about the Suhr Aldrich?
  7. lassie

    What's the difference between Burst Buckers and Custom Buckers ?

    How do you know that many of the CC guitars have Burstbucker? The Minnesota Burst for example is listed with a BB in the neck position and Alnico III magnet. In fact, the Minnesota Burst and the Shanks CC had the clearest neck pickup sound of any LP that I’ve owned (yes, even clearer than...
  8. lassie

    Anyone heard the OX4 Rollin Man/Beano Set?

    Thanks to you both for your responses! Might throw a coin to make the decision :fingersx: I favor the Alnico 3 Beano Set, because some of the best LPs I’ve played had them (a CC Shanks and a CC Minnesota burst, which I’ve both sold because I couldn’t get over the fake aging, just feels not like...
  9. lassie

    Anyone heard the OX4 Rollin Man/Beano Set?

    Hi! Anyone here who owns/owned the Rollin Man set from OX4 and can chime how they sound? There are some demos online which showcase the middle position, but I’m interested how bridge and neck pickup sound on their own, too. I’m also considering the Beano set.
  10. lassie

    Am I The Only One?

    As some mention the neck shape changing: I got a sg special of the inspired by Gibson-series recently and it still has the d-shape. I would say the neck shapes are still all over the place and so is the overall quality of the guitars.
  11. lassie

    Joe Bonamassa new Les Paul Norm Burst

    No Bonamassa NGD threads? At least in Germany they are in stock at the most common dealers.
  12. lassie

    Epiphone 1960 Tribute Plus Heavily modified - Poor man's R0/Joe Walsh

    Cool! I’ve been wanting a Joe Walsh or R0 with a (nice) clown burst for quite some time, too and might get one of the new Bonamassa signatures. Your LP came out great!
  13. lassie

    Double Cream PAF's by Monty's

    Montys are really good, not just packaging wise. They look great in your guitar!
  14. lassie

    Best Bare Knuckle for 80's hair metal?

    I would recommend a VHII. They are much hotter than the DC resistance suggests and pretty much nail all the 80s stuff you’ve mentioned. Another alternative in BKP line up are the Rebel Yells which have more mids and are a bit tighter than the VHII, they sound more like a refined Duncan JB.
  15. lassie

    NPD: Wizz Pickups

    Have the same feelings about the pickups. They sound great, but the covers were a let down. I had a low wind OX4 Set, a Monty PAFs Set and the Wizz and choose the Wizz as the winners, OX4 were a close second.
  16. lassie

    Pete Honor'e Cracking His GT

    That poor gold top... It had natural checking going on and he completely destroys it with a spray can. Looks completely fake and awful. Let it age naturally!
  17. lassie

    Alternative to Throbak and RetroSpec Covers?

    Thanks for all the replies so far and especially to Rewind for clearing things up! I’ve attached a pic of my wizz pickup, it seems to be a bit more pronounced compared to the original PAFs. I think I will go for the Throbaks. My wizz covers don’t look too bad but the Throbaks are really spot on...
  18. lassie

    How to Detect Flame Under the Goldtop

    Love it. That top is beautiful and the color too, looks like a real burst to me!
  19. lassie

    Alternative to Throbak and RetroSpec Covers?

    Hey guys, I scored a set of Wizz pickups recently, which sound phenomenal but I don’t like the look of the covers too much. They might have the TV-shape on top, but they miss the dimples around the screw holes (which seem too large also, so that I can still see the bobbin) and look kind of...
  20. lassie

    Aniline dye transferred onto white Telecaster

    My Telecaster has similar spots. Fender Nitro seems to be more prone to this than the Gibson one. I have my Gibsons in a normal stand without problems, but my Tele has now padded spots for it to rest on.

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