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  1. drugprowlingwolf

    Bacchus Classic Heardware

    Hey guys, I might be buying a Bacchus classic explorer. Does anyone know what kind of hardware comes on them? Aluminum tailpiece? Just wondering if I might need to swap a couple parts for vintage specs.
  2. drugprowlingwolf

    R7 Woes

    Hello gents, I have a 2014 R7 I love - except for the neck. I like thick necks but it's a club... I much prefer a rounded/medium/59 style profile. Can anyone recommend someone who can shave this down correctly in the Chicago area? I'd really love to give the guitar more play time but right now...
  3. drugprowlingwolf

    Tokai LS100 - Veneer or Solid?

    What do you guys think? Solid or veneer? Working on getting more pics.
  4. drugprowlingwolf

    Greco LPC Specs?

    Hey guys, Are the triple pickup Greco LPCs mahogany top in 1987?
  5. drugprowlingwolf

    WTB: Doublecut Junior or Special

    Hey guys, Looking for the following specs: - tv yellow nitro or lacquer finish that actually looks the part - medium chunky 59 profile - “vintage specs” I.e. no abr1 added or humbucker installed - MIJ is okay - open book headstock preferred though. Not necessary but sought after: - hide glue...
  6. drugprowlingwolf

    Nitro Chip “Reinstallation”?

    Hey guys, My thin skin tele had a chip about the size of a raisin come out when it was dinged. I actually found the chip - is there anyway of putting it back that isn’t going to look like utter dogshit?
  7. drugprowlingwolf

    Vintage Tokai and Greco Hardware

    Hey guys, After replacing the pots, cap, and pickups in my 81 Es-100 and 81 (super real/mint collection transition) EG59 I’m considering the hardware. just curious if any of you have tried swapping studs, posts, tailpieces, and bridges. Faber looks good. There’s nothing wrong With the stock...
  8. drugprowlingwolf

    Refin Recommendations

    I have a cherry 58 DC Junior I’m looking to have refined and as tastefully aged as possible. Any recommendations? Previous owner replaced a few side dots during the refin. Needs a fresh silk screen and serial too. I’d prefer not to pay out the nose but am willing to pay for the right quality...
  9. drugprowlingwolf

    WTB: 2014 Historics or Beaters

    What do you have? Not really looking for an LP but a black beauty would be interesting. Particularly interested In tv yellow double cut juniors and specials. For vintage stuff, im looking for a fat necked melody maker or old epi. I’ve got great trade bait and cash - ideally it would be a...
  10. drugprowlingwolf

    Vintage Tokai - Your Thoughts

    Hey guys, I picked up an 81/82 transitionary tokai es100-j in sunburst. The guitar is in excellent shape minus the missing pickguard and has its original paperwork and an old Yamaha case. I assume transitionary because it has the flower pattern from 82 on the headstock face but an 81 serial...
  11. drugprowlingwolf

    RS True 60s

    Anyone played these? I’m thinking of slapping them into my 335. There’s some info about them sounding good with LPs and being a vintage hot type set. This seems to fly in the face of the “low wound a2” recommendations for 335s out there. Plugging into Brit amps with minimal effects - rock...
  12. drugprowlingwolf

    61 or 62?

    Bought this a while back. It's living proof that "hell hath no fury...." i.e. head stock and heel breaks. Pot supposedly said late 61 - don't have 'em anymore. Here's the neck joint - any other pointers? Nice fat neck and full nut on this one. Holds tune like an LP! Serial number is gone.
  13. drugprowlingwolf

    Trade Feeler - '14 R7 Tricked Out

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a change - I have an R7 with all historic makeovers plastics, brandonwound vintage magnet PAFs, nos centralabs and bees, 50s era grovers, 50s era tailpiece and studs, wired abr1/wheels/studs off an early SG. Would include all original case candy and parts except the...
  14. drugprowlingwolf

    Vintage Soapbar Install

    Hey guys, Finally found a set of soapbars for my 62 SG Special. I’m anxious about the installation - they weren’t cheap and I don’t want anything to happen when I’m fastening them in the routs. Are there any recommended ways to install to guarantee the coil or whatever doesn’t get damaged by...
  15. drugprowlingwolf

    Requesting Bridge Guidance

    Hey gang, I have an opportunity to cop a late 60s 335 that needs its parts back. One thing that made me pause - it had a stop tail and Nashville bridge installed. It’s not a museum piece but I’ll probably spend for a good refin in the future. Do any of you guys have experience with this? I’m...
  16. drugprowlingwolf

    Quick Routing Questions

    Hey gang, Any ideas on the routs going on here? These pics are from an 82 Transitional EG of some kind. I've spent hours poring through the forum and the relevant posts had the pics deleted. Have mercy on me! My 84 has a the circle sections routed flat - confirmed Fujigen routing. But what's...
  17. drugprowlingwolf

    Paging the Greco Fellas

    Hey guys, Got my claws on this recently - seller described it as an EG59-1000 circa 1984 but my research isn't lining up. Looks to have been refretted. Looks like long tenon, 59 profile, lacquer finish.
  18. drugprowlingwolf

    Is this nickel or chrome?! Legit ABR?

    Hey gang, I just snagged a wired ABR1 - supposedly the piece was lifted off of a 62 SG. Well, given the pitting/corrosion I am really having a hard time considering this as nickel... There's a shiny quality to it that seems too "much" for how old it is. Obviously it wasn't cheap and I still...
  19. drugprowlingwolf

    WTB: Fat Neck Old Melody Maker or Olympic

    Hey guys, Hope you're all staying safe! I'm looking for a fat necked old Melody Maker - preferably with two pickups. Preferably with the fatter lapsteel pickups as well. I have Historic and vintage trade bait and cash. Hit me up! Not looking for anything else.
  20. drugprowlingwolf

    Rock and Roll

    Hey gang, I’m new to recording but have just picked it up to record some of my own original material. I have a a digital set up - Ezdrummer and some decent plug ins like s gear. So, at this point I’m looking for some references and material. Most of the resources I’ve turned up are related to...

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