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  1. lassie

    Anyone heard the OX4 Rollin Man/Beano Set?

    Hi! Anyone here who owns/owned the Rollin Man set from OX4 and can chime how they sound? There are some demos online which showcase the middle position, but I’m interested how bridge and neck pickup sound on their own, too. I’m also considering the Beano set.
  2. lassie

    Alternative to Throbak and RetroSpec Covers?

    Hey guys, I scored a set of Wizz pickups recently, which sound phenomenal but I don’t like the look of the covers too much. They might have the TV-shape on top, but they miss the dimples around the screw holes (which seem too large also, so that I can still see the bobbin) and look kind of...
  3. lassie

    70s Centralab pots?

    Hi, I discovered some NOS centralab pots on Reverb. They date to 73 and look like the older ones. Does anybody know how these compare to late 50’s centralabs?
  4. lassie

    FS: Wizz Premium Clone PAF Set

    Hi, I’m selling here a set of Wizz Pickups. These are the standard winds and come with Alnico IV magnets, neck pickup measures around 7,7kOhms, Bridge pickup around 8,4kOhms. Zebra bobbins under the covers. They come with the rings and the original packaging. The pickups were in my Les Paul for...
  5. lassie

    NGD: CC39

    My CC39 arrived a few days ago but because I was away during the week Ive played it the first time yesterday. So these are my first impressions so to speak. The aged case is a nice touch, but I don’t like the basic case very much, the black Custom Shop case feels more sturdy. The burst color is...
  6. lassie

    Don Felder 1959 Les Paul

    Hey folks, anybody here who owns one or played one? How’s the neck shape? Should I care about the difference in specs to newer historics? What would you pay for one? Long story short: I’ve ordered a CC 39 for a good price recently, which will be here in one week or so, but now 2 Felder’s came...
  7. lassie

    WTB: Shed Paf Daddy Set

    Hi, I’m looking to buy a set of Shed Paf Daddies. I’m located in Germany, but would pay for the shipping, of course. Bobbin color doesn’t really matter, but want a set with covers. I’m also interested in Sheds Supernaturals. If you have a set to sell, just send me a message.:)
  8. lassie

    FS: Friedman BE 100 with 2016 specs (located in Germany)

    Hi, Im selling my Friedman BE100 with 2016 specs. It is 3 months old and in mint condition, as one can see on the pictures. The amp ships safely in its original packaging, footswitch with cable, manuals and power cable included. I think its unnecessary to describe this amp further, there are...
  9. lassie

    FS: Gibson Collectors Choice #7 Shanks #063

    Hi, Im selling my CC7 Shanks serial number 063. It is a stellar guitar, the playability of the neck is exceptional and it has one of the best neck humbucker tones Ive heard. Why I let it go then? I just cant really justify having more than one CS Les Paul, Im no collector so this guitar is too...
  10. lassie

    NGD CC7 Shanks is here

    Hi, I just got me a new historic and my first Collectors Choice. The Shanks plays, looks and sounds great. At first I tried an Ace '59 Reissue but I could clearly see why that one was discounted. Leaking bridge pot, dead spot in the higher frets and a meh looking top. Then I ordered the Shanks...
  11. lassie

    NGD: another 2014 Lemonburst R8

    Hi guys, I want to show you my first historic. Its a lightly figured R8 in lemonburst, its part of a special run of a german dealer and the main feature is that it comes with Tonepros hardware. I have played a CC 28 (btw: thanks to all who replied to the questions I asked about these) but...
  12. lassie

    Going to buy a CC - but which?!

    Hi guys, Im in the market for my first historic and want to go for a CC#28 or a CC#15. I have no chance to play one of these before buying because we got no music store in Germany which has both in stock right now and I would prefer to buy one used. The other problem is that the next big store...
  13. lassie

    Hard to bend strings on my Burny

    Hi, I bought a Burny RLG 50 from Mark Fletcher before a week or two. Its a really nice guitar, it sounds really good but the playability is not like I imagined it to be. Its really hard to do bends on this guitar, especially in the higher frets (with Ernie Ball Super Slinkys 9-46). I tried to...
  14. lassie

    Problems with wiring my Les Paul

    Hi, I completely rewired my Gibson LP Studio a month ago and suddenly I got a very confusing problem. When I switch to the Bridge PU, everything is fine, when I switch to the neck pick up, the humbucker is very quiet and when I turn the volume pot to zero, i still can hear humming which nearly...
  15. lassie

    Pickguard for japanese Custom LPC-80?

    Hi, I ordered a japanese Custom but the pg is missing. I looked at the gibson one at ( Gibson PRPG-020 Pickguard LP CustomBK) but I think it wont fit. Has anyone a shop who has one of those? Or should I go for the givson one ans jzst file it down to right dimensions? Thanks!
  16. lassie

    Influence of the cap when the tone control is on 10

    Hi, Im not much of a player that works with the tone controls, so I wondered if an upgrade to paper in oil caps would be an improvement to my currently installed orange drops. Couldnt find anything in the sticky threads about this. Regards, lassie
  17. lassie

    NGD... again!

    Another Epi is following my Tribute +! Its a Standard Pro in beatiful Honeyburst! I bought it used and it plays and feels great. The Probuckers sound really good, they are better than the Alnico Classics in the normal Standards and Std Plus. They are pretty modern sounding and the bridge seems...
  18. lassie

    Problem with Gibson LP Studio - Strange vibrating sound

    Hi, I hope some can help me with my LP Studio. I noticed a strange vibrating noise under a note I play on the high E and B strings in the area of the 12th to thee 17th fret. I recorded it and uploaded it on soundcloud. Is there...
  19. lassie

    NGD Another Tribute

    Finally I took some Pics of my new Tribute 60 +. I love the flame of it but it is very difficult to capture it! I gave my best. ;)
  20. lassie

    Epiphone Tribute Plus, Elitist Studio or Gibson Lp Studio? Help!

    Hi, I wanna buy me a new Les paul, but I cant decide between these 3 models. I already have a Gibson Les Paul Studio Faded 50s Tribute and I really love this guitar. So I tend to buy another one of these. But I read several times about the tribute plus and the elitists that they smoke these low...

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