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    Crypto and digital currency discussion.

    There are probably quite a few members here who either have some digital coin/token holdings or know someone who does. This can be a place to learn from each other’s experiences and perhaps dispel some common myths and ideas around what is arguable the future of payments and asset holdings...

    Tales from the Crypt. inside the Gibson Custom Shop. AMA

    @StevenXmas , Steven worked at Gibson for many, many years as an Artist relations manager and was involved in many projects. Those answers you always wanted? Get them straight from the horses mouth. I thought I’d ask about the 90’s Slash Snakepit guitar. Rumours were that each logo took...

    Jimmy Page Custom buckers.

    I am reluctantly listing these for a week before I come to my senses. I was saving these for future LP’s but it’s time to see if someone else can give these some love. These are Custom Buckers wound to Jimmy Page spec (2004 run). Both pickups are both new, never installed and both meter right...

    Great song, Horrible video. Post ‘em!

    I got recommended this in my youtube feed. always remembered it on the radio but never saw the video. I should have left it that way. The singer awkwardly rocking back and forth could have used a prop like a guitar. Post your great songs with terrible videos. What else is out there?

    Vox Grey wah replica.

    A friend of mine and fellow member built a few and sent me one. Never had a chance to try it but heard him play it and he makes it sound great. My wah playing will likely make you leave the room in disgust. He said he was trying for accuracy but I don’t know what i’m looking at when I look at...

    How come we can’t attach pics in conversations?

    Am I missing something or is there no way to send pics when having a PM conversation?



    Jimmy Page Les Paul

    No judgement here but unusual. $789 + $60 shipping.

    FS: Dr. Vintage wiring harness.

    These pots were spec’d by Rick Norman from CTS. From other info available they are a hybrid taper and aluminum shafts. In between linear and audio. They have clip rings like the old Centralabs. Wired with the paper in oil .022 K42y caps. They have a nice torque on them. The pots are aim...
  10. DADGAD

    FS: ARP Avatar pickup with 7 pin connector.

    Ok, this one is a bit of a rare bird. The ARP Avatar was a bit of a failed synth in the 70’s that had a hexaphonic guitar pickup. Someone spliced a 7 pin connector on the end in place of the original connector. This is good because cables and actual ARP synths are rare and expensive...
  11. DADGAD

    FS: Patches for your jacket.

    We all know someone with that sleeveless denim jacket full of random patches. Kind of wanted to start one myself but I look like a dweeb in a denim jacket. The numbered ones are about 3” wide. These can be ironed on but it’s better to have a seamstress stitch it too. $7 each or 2 for...
  12. DADGAD

    FS: Japanese mystery pickup.

    I picked up this pickup years ago as I was obsessed with 8k+ neck pickups. I vaguely remember this coming out of a Tokai or Burny. It’s potted, 8.72k, short legs, double black with an approx 12” lead. Could be a fun pickup to mod with a magnet swap. $35 USD shipped to Canada and Lower 48.
  13. DADGAD

    Retrospec Cellulose Nitrate inlays for Historics.

    Selling a set of Retrospec cellulose nitrate inlays for historics. This is a backup set that I don’t have a guitar for. Here is the link to the page for specs. $35 USD shipped to Canada and Lower 48.
  14. DADGAD

    FS: ReWind custom double cream pickup.

    In my decision to pare down and downsize my gear to eventually start fresh in the future, I’m letting go of some special things I thought I would keep forever. It would be special to me if another MLP’er could put it to use. James at ReWind @cooljuk wound me an experimental pickup to try. He...
  15. DADGAD

    FS: Sprague bumblebees 0.22MF $25 pair.

    More parts cleanout. I’ve got 6 sets of these Sprague Bumblebees available. .022MF 400VDC tested at .025MF. These bees are a bit bigger than the ones typically used in harnesses and I’ve taken a pic next to a Gibson Bumblebee for reference. $25 USD a pair shipped to Canada and Lower 48...
  16. DADGAD

    FS: 1971 Gold Les Paul jack plate and screws.

    This came off my ‘71 LP and might be good for a restoration project or an aged piece for and LP Custom perhaps? It’s got some typical pitting and patina and comes with the original screws. $20 USD shipped to Canada and Lower 48 states.
  17. DADGAD

    FS: ReWind “PAF-1” Custom PAF pickups. Zebra.

    These pickups were a custom set wound by James @cooljuk quite a few years ago now and if memory serves it was right before his PAF-1 set were launched. 8.1K U5 Bridge, 8.22K U5 neck. Don’t let that trip you up. That neck is a sweet sounding pickup and compliments the bridge perfectly in only...
  18. DADGAD

    Les Paul Long shaft harness

    I had this harness made for me by James at ReWind some years ago for a LP Traditional. I wanted the Page style single push pull in the bridge tone knob. It was never used. I believe it is 50’s style wiring but no caps installed as I wasn’t sure what I would be using. I am including a set of...
  19. DADGAD

    FS: 1971 Les Paul Harness

    This harness came out of my 1971 LP that originally was the foundation of my Page 3 replica. I used a new harness with push pulls and this sat in a box for a long time. Just cleaning out the parts box. Sprague black beauty caps which I assume are original. Te pot codes are 13771 which are...
  20. DADGAD

    FS: Marshall SL-5C Slash amp

    Selling this no longer in production Marshall SL-5C Slash Combo amp. Not just for Appetite tone. It does great British tones and sizzling OD for some grind. Switchable from 5 watts to 1 Watt for quieter playing. A full 12” Celestion V30 speaker. Comes with the footswitch. The condition is...

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