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  1. huffdaddy

    something looks different

    :lol::applause: I've actually clicked on a couple ! Trying to figure out what category I fall into ? Gonna go with "idiot" !
  2. huffdaddy

    Taylor Expression System Retrofit

    Both are good, but I actually preferred the ES1 system better than the ES 2. Just my personal opinion. I find the ES2 picks up and amplifies finger slides and pick sounds quite a bit.
  3. huffdaddy

    Killing Spree Music

    I don't know why, but the thought of LtDave on a murderous rampage, whilst this particular song plays in the background ??? Damn-near made my day ! :laugh2:
  4. huffdaddy

    Got a craving for battered fish and chips.

    I was out in Newfoundland in July and had fish and chips six nights in a row ! :laugh2: My wife was pretty disgusted with me, but, oh well. It was great ! Also tried something called "cod tongues".
  5. huffdaddy

    Joe Walsh Teaches How To Set Up a Guitar

    Yes, and he has accountants pay for it all.
  6. huffdaddy

    Spontaneous combustion

    Anyone remember the 70's tv show, "Kolchak, The Night Stalker", starring Darrin McGavin ? It was kind of like the X-files, before there was an X-files. Used to creep me out when I was a kid. I remember they did an episode involving spontaneous human combustion.
  7. huffdaddy

    If the van's a-rockin, call the police!

    Must have been the grill of his dreams.
  8. huffdaddy

    What's the worst thing your dog or cat or animal ate?

    My last dog ( a golden retriever ) would Hoover up everything and anything. One morning, while I was out front, waiting for the kids to board the bus, both the dog and I spotted a dead rabbit on the road at the same time. After a brief moment of eye contact, he raced me to it and swallowed the...
  9. huffdaddy

    NHL Playoffs 2016

    Here we go ! Haven't been this pumped for a Cup final for a LONG time. My buddy's son plays for San Jose, so Go Sharks !
  10. huffdaddy

    Prince Murder Cover-Up Emerges

    :lol: it's like you're narrating a wrestling match !
  11. huffdaddy

    Game of Thrones - season 6

    I think its strange, in a show that likes to show violence in eyeball-popping detail, that we never saw Stannis actually die. Just as Brienne was going to run him through, they cut away to another scene. Anyone else think he's not dead ?
  12. huffdaddy

    Game of Thrones - season 6

    I had a couple distractions during last night's show. Did they mention Stannis at all ?
  13. huffdaddy

    Martin Six String Customs (MSSC) Permanently Closed

    Damn ! Sending best wishes Matt
  14. huffdaddy

    Question about pickup trucks

    I googled it... I'll be damned !
  15. huffdaddy

    Question about pickup trucks

    Lamborghini doesn't make a pickup ? :)
  16. huffdaddy

    Wife dresses like a slob pt II

    I'm involved in a murder case where the accused (allegedly) killed his second wife, after 28 years of marriage. The length of his first marriage... 28 YEARS !!! He has a 28 year itch ! :laugh2: Side note... This year will be my 28 year anniversary. I told my wife that I was paying close...
  17. huffdaddy

    What does purple mean?

    What does purple mean? You're squeezing too tight ?
  18. huffdaddy

    The Mad Hatter's Tea Party

    :laugh2: Same here. We got about 15 fresh centimeters of "light flurries" ! Bleccccch !
  19. huffdaddy

    We ain't gonna be in no fire!

    That's great ! :laugh2: All news interviews should be that entertaining ! You have pink pumper trucks there ?
  20. huffdaddy

    The Mad Hatter's Tea Party

    Hi Hatters ! Winter finally arrived here in Southern Ontario. I have to go speak to a fairly large group of teenagers this morning. Two things I really don't care much for... public speaking and teenagers ! :laugh2: Off I go...

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