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  1. captdan61

    Upgrading my Traditional Vs purchasing a brand new R9

    Having owned to New R9's and a couple standards. I'll go a slightly different route I would suggest looking at used our knives so you can avoid some of the initial depreciation hit yes some of them won't be as wonderful as the brand new ones that are coming out right now and if that's important...
  2. captdan61

    Pure Kossoff

    Yeah just a brilliant player. Maybe the best finger vibrato around. Him danny kirwan and Peter green and Jeremy Spencer all made some great guitar music. Imo
  3. captdan61

    Light weight 50's Standard?

    My 2016 weight is 8.5 lb. Sounds good.
  4. captdan61

    Let’s talk “good wood era”

    Old wood is best? Just rare...
  5. captdan61

    Nine Inch Nails Destroys $160,000 worth of Les Pauls

    I appreciate both versions.
  6. captdan61

    Why is the ‘59 ‘burst so highly coveted?!

    I'm on it I must have missed something I don't remember anybody mentioning Kurt Cobain I got a 2014 custom shop Gibson Les Paul with a nice guitar and hand-picked it after looking at a lot of guitars a lot of Gibson Drive the ball through my own app everyone must have been significantly better...
  7. captdan61

    Why is the ‘59 ‘burst so highly coveted?!

    I think in the 1950's and 1960's peoples work ethic and pride. And the company's focus on quality and brand reputation. Had a significant impact on the quality of the products they were putting out people would take more time it was last about churning out hundreds or thousands of guitars to...
  8. captdan61

    Pulling Strings After Tuning Down

    I'm wondering when these two are going to pull thier dicks out.
  9. captdan61

    I think I need a bigger couch

    How about a nice R4 goldtop? Or a JR. Or Custom? But wha you posted on the couch is VERY nice.
  10. captdan61

    Putting Together a Serious Pedalboard

    Joyo makes a rechargable power supply for pedals. I have been using one over two years on first on my main board. And these days small trio shows on a smaller board. No issues at all.
  11. captdan61

    Faber Locking ABR-1... Any Reason Not To?

    I heard a rumor speed knobs help you play faster?
  12. captdan61

    NGD: 2021 R9 - Green Lemon

    That is an absolutely spectacular guitar! Made even more interesting because of the unusual figuring on the top it's a keeper
  13. captdan61

    PSA: Willcutt's Sell One Month Old Used Murphy Lab Defect as New

    Buy brand new guitar drool over guitar First Step take your car out use it scratch guitar cry. Repeat process until you no longer cry. Now you have a instrument you can use. The only reason that I see any value at all to me personally for helping the guitar feel like a old friend and a bit less...
  14. captdan61

    If you had to pick only one position ....

    69 ...I mean neck on a les paul or ES guitar or archtop. And Bridge on a Esquire or Telecaster.
  15. captdan61

    I just had to do it

    I always say. I can't afford it today which doesn't mean it won't be at my house tomorrow! Keep the faith
  16. captdan61

    Upgraded wiring harness for Les Paul Jr?

    When I first got my custom shop Les Paul with the original wiring harness and burstbuckers it seems that from 0 to about 7 there was very little change in volume and then from 7 to 10 was about 80% of your volume or tone difference. I found that irritated getting confusing and I could not get...
  17. captdan61

    Upgraded wiring harness for Les Paul Jr?

    If I'm understanding you you are saying you would have both wires going to the middle position on the volume pot middle terminal?
  18. captdan61

    Collector's Choice Tailpiece

    I'm looking forward to these new 2020 and 2021 Les Paul standards headed the used market and prices getting back to normal. At 2500 I don't really need one but if the price was closer to 15 for a 50s tobacco Sunburst or a 60s iced tea I might buy one just to use to play live shows and keep my...
  19. captdan61

    Collector's Choice Tailpiece

    So you're saying that you're CC has an aluminum tailpiece and the other guitars have threw a different tale piece? And do you notice a positive or A negative tonal change from the aluminum tailpiece?
  20. captdan61

    Reissue vs. Vintage

    I've gotten the opportunity to play to Vintage 57 Les Paul junior both of them were very similar both of the more real light and Lively incredibly resonant super comfortable necks. And I've decided before I die I want to own one I just can't afford one I'll talk my dream is to find one with a...

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