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  1. sandmannn69

    Is there a MIJ LP with "slim taper" type neck profile?

    My 2012 Edwards E-LP-125/ALS has a slim C neck with no shoulders, about 0.83" at the 1st fret. And pretty light at 7.3 lbs.
  2. sandmannn69

    Is an Edwards LP body the same shape as a Gibson?

    I've owned six Edwards LPs(actually one I've owned twice). They were all identical in size and shape to my 2013 Gibson R8 Historic Les Paul. Usually a bit lighter, but no difference in body shape or thickness. Unless the Edwards guitars have changed in the last 9 years....My newest Edwards is a...
  3. sandmannn69

    What factors influenced you to buy your Historic?

    My guitar tech told me historics were the best sounding Les Pauls and he was right. And a couple of years before that, I was trying out a Les Paul Classic at GC and my salesman buddy gave me a different Les Paul to try. After playing it about 45 minutes, I was astounded how good it sounded and...
  4. sandmannn69

    Most angry sounding guitar ever?

    Mean Street off VH's Fair Warning album.
  5. sandmannn69


    I've got a 125/ALS, great guitar. Very light, Seth Lover pups sound great. Neck is not chunky, like a 60s without shoulders. Very high quality hardware and electronics, haven't changed anything. Sounds almost as good as my R8, which is a great-sounding 2013. Here's a pretty good deal for a...
  6. sandmannn69

    Thinking of buying Edwards LP

    Great guitar, got a 125ALS (same thing, different price) and it's very high quality, with the excellent Seth Lover pups. Compared to my R9 and R8, it sounds as good and plays better. Very light (7.5 lbs) and loud unplugged. Neck is 60s profile without any shoulder, very comfortable unless you...
  7. sandmannn69

    Why is Jack Daniel's so good on the rocks?

    If you like that one, you'll love this stuff.
  8. sandmannn69

    Axe FX content, had to share, found it impressive.

    Larry is an incredible player and really sweet guy. I played that Knaggs custom he's playing in the vid at an AX8 meet-up in Phoenix last year, he's got the lowest action I've ever seen on an electric, great guitar. Very cool vid by Fractal, should've done that one long time ago. It's been...
  9. sandmannn69

    No-hits wonders

    Hits? Charts? They became irrelevant when FM stations went on the air.
  10. sandmannn69

    Made in Japan Neck Profiles

    Here's a new one 2007 Edwards E-LP-98LTC in cream. Nut width 43.5 mm Neck width at the body 55.8 mm Neck thickness 1st fret 22.9 mm Neck thickness 12th fret 24.8 mm weight 7.5 lbs
  11. sandmannn69

    Words or phrases that you hear these days that are overused or you wish would go away

    LOL going forward my bad organic and anything that ends with -gate
  12. sandmannn69

    New Charvel San Dimas neck profile

    USA Charvel necks have a thin C profile. Thin D profile is typically found on Jackson guitars.
  13. sandmannn69

    MIJ Charvel So-Cal - Black - Mint - Japan

    gearpage, harmonycentral, and ultimateguitar are hardly Charvel experts. Maybe you should read the info in the posts from Those guys have actually played/owned Charvels from both sides of the Pacific (like myself 4 US, 3 Japan). They tend to favor the US-made guitars. Necks are...
  14. sandmannn69

    MIJ Charvel So-Cal - Black - Mint - Japan

    Widely regarded by who?
  15. sandmannn69

    NGD The Fool

    The original owner stated it was an Epiphone SG-400 that was modified. He didn't state whether it was made in Korea or not, I just assumed it was because of certain features.
  16. sandmannn69

    NGD The Fool

    Did the MIJ G-400s have chunky neck profiles? This one is a lot fatter than ones I've played in GC and SA lately.
  17. Music Man Silhouette Special

    Music Man Silhouette Special

  18. Music Man Axis Super Sport

    Music Man Axis Super Sport

  19. Candy Green Charvel So Cal 
Duncan JB/Jazz

    Candy Green Charvel So Cal Duncan JB/Jazz

  20. Claptons The Fool SG
Gibson 498T/496R

    Claptons The Fool SG Gibson 498T/496R

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