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    WTB - Voodoo Lab Amp Selector

    If interested, I have a Kendrick ABC Line Selector. Shoot me a PM if your interested.
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    Joe B video discussing tone...burst content inside

    Really shows his passion for tone and technique. Just an absolute great musician.
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    O Canada

    I'm pissed.....mine didn't come with a hat! :D
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    What is dark/vintage sunburst/tobacco burst a result of?

    My guess is Tobacco Sunburst was an actual finish on Perry's LP Standard and ordered that way. Gibson was already spraying ES-335 and other models in Tobacco so I think ordering a Standard in that color/combo would be an option.
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    1963/64 jtm 45

    "Are the vol pots Audio taper or LIN Linear Taper on the amp?" Sorry, I have no idea.
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    1963/64 jtm 45

    Here you go for the Pinstripe. The speakers are 20w and they are RIC cones. Not too many examples of RIC that I know of, but I had a few Marshall guys check them out and all consensus was they are all original 1966/67 speakers. Casters are not original of course and the side leather handles are...
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    Paul Kossoff's 1959 Gibson Les Paul to be auctioned

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    1963/64 jtm 45

    I've seen other JTM's examples from this time frame and some look pretty similar. They are collector's amps so keeping them clean on the inside is a must. The outside is a little more dinged up as expected and I had the handle replaced. The original was non functional. I actually assume these...
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    1963/64 jtm 45

    I was very fortunate to buy a faustine phantom attenuator before the company went out of business.
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    1963/64 jtm 45

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    1963/64 jtm 45

    Everything is always for sale :naughty:
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    1963/64 jtm 45

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    1963/64 jtm 45

    The caps resistors are original. I did have a tech install a bias pot. I actually went through 5 GEC KT-66 to find the best match/sounding pair that were actually within 5ma of one another. But, they still drift a little and a bais pot is money well spent for tube longevity.
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    1963/64 jtm 45

    Here is a simple iPhone recording of my very late 1963 more early 1964 JTM 45, Les Paul Replica (Replica #2). [/IMG]
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    1956 Gibson Les Paul Goldtop

    Removed and relisted: Then there is this response: 1956 goldtop scam alert - $33000 (usa) © craigslist - Map data © OpenStreetMap (google map) condition: salvage make / manufacturer...
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    1956 Gibson Les Paul Goldtop

    No affiliation whatsoever but I just saw this on craigslist. 1956 Gibson Les Paul Goldtop
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    Slow Blues with a Vintage 1965 SG

    Very nice. It had a great Mick Taylor vibe which I really enjoy.
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    What happens when you sell a burst?

    I assume the sale might be subject to capital gain taxes. Just a guess.
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    A Lesson in Tone, Feel & Vibrato

    Never have so many few notes sounded so good!

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