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    Making a piano sound like a synthesizer

    :wave: Im going to record a song tomorrow as a school project and it has to be an all acoustic project but I feel that my song requires some kind of synthesizer sound, so Im wondering if there are any effects or tricks that makes a piano sound like a synth. This is the kind of sound that Im...
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    Steven Adler on Axl Rose

    In a recent interview with rolling stone, Steven Adler talked about his feelings for Axl Rose. Steven Adler on Axl Rose: 'I'm Done With Him' | Music News | Rolling Stone
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    Has anyone here gone to MI?

    Ive been thinking about going to MI (musicians institute) after Ive finished school here in Sweden and I would like to hear some opinions of the school. :)
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    Les pauls guitars on auction

    According to guitarworld, some of les pauls personal guitars will be on auction. Les Paul's Personal Guitars and Gear to Hit Auction Block in June | Guitar World
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    Muddy tone on Jackson RR3

    Hi everyone :wave: I have a stock floydrose equipped Jackson RR3 with a pair of Seymour duncan JB/jazz pickups. Its plays great but the tone is extremely muddy with no clarity at all. Ive changed the strings on it and raised the pickups and the polepieces but nothing helps. Can anyone help...
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    1000 posts

    This is my thousand post. Nothing special for most people here but its quite special for me :D Ive learned alot of things here on this forum and I have to thank you all for that. :applause: Thanks everyone :D
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    Best android games

    I need to have something to do on my way to school. Does anyone know any great free android games?
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    Any love for reptiles here??

    Do we have any reptile lovers here? I myself have an 8 year old leopardgecko but I cant take pics cuz the camera is broken.
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    Guild made in USA?

    Which Guilds are made in USA? Guild themselves doesnt say much about this so I figured that the smart people here would know. Ive heard that only the GAD-series guitars are made in China and the rest are made in USA.
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    Bc rich Korea factory

    :wave: Im planning on purchasing a Bc rich mockingbird pro X. Its made in Korea and that thing alone doesnt bother me at all but im wondering if anyone knows about the conditions in their factory. Im well aware that most things a normal person buys are made in china etc. but i want to do a lil...
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    File sharing as a religion??!!!

    Apparently filesharing has been a official religion in Sweden. The religion is called copimism and they are saying that filesharing is a sacred thing in their lifes.:wow: Missionary Church of Kopimism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    SWEDEN wins the hockey games!!!!

    ****ING BEST GAME EVER!!!!!!!!!!! Sweden has defeated Russia on overtime!!! The time in Sweden right now is 04:43 am But i must say damn it russia played well at the end:):):):)
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    What pisses you of the most about the music industry?

    As the title says...What pisses you off the most about the industry?
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    New Van halen song on January 10

    According to guitarworld, Van halen will release a new single called "tattoo" on january 10, and a new album is rumoured to be released on february 7.:thumb: Are there still any VH fans here? New Van Halen Single to Hit Radio Next Week? | Guitar World
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    Best guitar books

    Hi everyone:wave: I did´nt find a thread where all the best guitar books where listed so that everyone could get some good knowledge. Ill set every book here so that it will be easy to find all the books in one place. Anyway here are the books so far: The advancing guitarist The BEAD method of...
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    New pickups for a Bc rich Mockingbird

    Hi:wave: I want to upgrade my Bc rich mockingbirds pickups and im wondering if a pair of Seymour duncan hotrodded(JB/JAZZ) set will work in it. Im going to split the pickups and i have a mahogany body and a maple top with a neckthrough maple neck with an ebony fretboard. Since these materials...
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    Shamray explorer

    Im thinking of ordering a custom explorer from Shamray (James hetfield style...i know very original :)) and im wondering if anyone here has one and if they are worth it? Oh and btw im thinking of putting in some EMG 81tw and emg 89 tw has anyone tried those out? BTW does anyone know how much a...
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    Marshall vintage modern 22666 tone problem

    I recently purchased a marshall 2266 with a custom built 4X12 cab loaded with brand new 16 ohm celestion greenbacks and my rhythm tone sounds great but as soon as im about to do a solo my tone just starts to suck and there is way to much treble and its sound nasal:( What am i supposed to do? My...
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    Hello from Sweden

    Hi everybody :wave: My name is Patrik and i am a 16 year old les paul fanatic from Sweden. I dont know what to write now so feel free to ask some questions if you want :D

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