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  1. flyingdutchman

    Brazilian Rosewood......So damn pretty!!! I saw this stuff for sale in the Classifieds..I wish I was building an LP clone. I love Rosewood fingerboards. All the figure is awesome!!
  2. flyingdutchman

    Stew-Mac Diamond Fret File + Fret Leveler, Fret Rocker, Notched Straight Edge

    I'm asking $150 shipped/paypal for the whole package. Id rather not split it up at this time. I recently bought some "intermediate" level luthier tools but I think Im going to keep my skills to just basic setups and string changes..Im gonna leave the fret work to the pro's so I figured I would...
  3. flyingdutchman

    Need some advice on this guitar I just received..Restoration worth the cost?

    Hey guys, I just received this 1962 Harmony Jupiter (Stratotone) in the mail today. At first glance I notice that some of the fretboard binding is pulling away from the neck. No biggie, a little JB Weld (I meant Weld-On but I'm a dumb-ass) will fix that. Then I decide to put it up on the table...
  4. flyingdutchman

    Sold. Please delete thread.

  5. flyingdutchman

    Is there a limit to how many ads a vendor can run at the same time?

    There is a new vendor in the "Vendor Classifieds" section that is making the place look like its getting spammed. Just wondering if its something that we have to deal with or if there is some sort of limit of how many ads one can run at the same time.
  6. flyingdutchman

    F/S: 2004 MIK Epiphone Dot Deluxe w/upgrades and OHSC $500

    Here is a very clean 2004 MIK Epiphone Dot Deluxe. I have done alot of upgrades to it has been taken very good care of. Its a fantastic sounding and playing instrument. It has a nice tobacco burst flametop. They dont make em like they these anymore. The following upgrades have been made...
  7. flyingdutchman

    How many more coats?!?!?

    I am rattle can spraying my LP with some Behlens gloss clear lacquer and I have tried to maintain a consistent routine. Im just wondering when Ive sprayed enough..I am at the point now where I have the color and depth where I want it and Ive sprayed 9 clear coats thus far. Ive done 3 a day with...
  8. flyingdutchman

    Roller Bridge Recommendations

    I just ordered a Bigsby B7 for my LP and I wanted to install a Roller Bridge for tuning stability. Anyone have any on hand experience with one? It needs to be Nashville style. Is it worth going with the Tonepros one for $80 or is the $25 Wilkinson fine? Thanks in advance.
  9. flyingdutchman

    MicroMesh Polishing Pads Question

    Im looking to order some of the MicroMesh that Stew-Mac sells. I am going to be using it for the final polish on my LP refinish project. I will only be wet sanding te top of the guitar. I have tru oiled the back and sides and I'm very happy with the results. So, my question is can I do a...
  10. flyingdutchman

    Having a problem sanding out some specks of old paint on my LP..

    So I stripped and sanded my Ebony LP Studio and now Im seeing tiny little black specks still in the wood. More sanding? Can I use steel wool? I have already sanded it 120/180/220. It looks great until it is inspected up close. The black specks are few and far between but nonetheless they are...
  11. flyingdutchman

    Ive decided to strip my 1990 Ebony Studio..What should I use?

    I have an ugly as sin 1990 Studio that is structurally sound but has had a hard life. Great fingerboard and frets. Its a nice guitar that someone just played the crap out of. Id like to strip it and then do a hand rubbed tung oil finish. First step is to figure out how to get the finish off...
  12. flyingdutchman

    FT: 1976 Gibson Les Paul Standard

    Here is a Norlin era '76 LP Standard that Im looking to trade. Id like another LP with a 60's neck. Im open to anything though so let me know what you have. Id put a trade value of $2k on it. Feel free to PM me with any questions.. 1976 Gibson Les Paul Standard 10.1lbs on the bathroom digital...
  13. flyingdutchman

    Pedaltrain Jr. and Voodoo Labs ISO-5 for sale..

    I have a Pedaltrain Jr. with softcase and a Voodoo Labs ISO-5 that Id like to sell as a pair. Upon mounting the Voodoo Lab brackets to the Pedaltrain I snapped the heads off of a couple of the screws so taking it off could take a little finessing. I guess I didnt drill the pilot holes big...
  14. flyingdutchman

    Alex, Can you sign us up for Forum Runner support?

    Forum Runner - vBulletin / XenForo / myBB / phpBB Forum iPhone App Forum Runner makes browsing the site on a iPhone or Android really easy. Totally free for the board owner. I use it for a few other forums and it kicks ass. Much easier than browsing the forums on a 4 inch screen. Thanks!
  15. flyingdutchman

    Robbing parts from one LP for another?

    Am I going to regret this? Do you guys do this often? I bought a LP Studio a few months ago on CL and put alot of money into it upgrading it. Its nicely setup and overall its a good player. I just got a 76 LP Standard and was thinking of all the nice parts sitting on my Studio. Aluminum...
  16. flyingdutchman

    Any way to find out exactly how my 76 Standard was configured?

    I just acquired a 76 LP Standard in trade and I was wondering if there was a way I could find out how it came stock..Hardware color and plastics color. Was there a gold option in 76? Im trying to figure out if the hardware on it, which is gold, is original. Im thinking of doing a Faber...
  17. flyingdutchman

    MOP Headstock Inlay for a LP Studio?

    Thinking (or dreaming) of putting a MOP headstock inlay on my Gibson LP Studio. Is this an easy project for a novice to do? Worth the time and/or effort?
  18. flyingdutchman

    For Trade: 1960 Gibson Melody Maker with Case

    Putting this out there for trade feelers...Just jonsein' for something new..Les Paul style guitars and higher end tube amplifiers are things that Im interested in. What I have here for trade is a 100% original 1960 Les Paul Melody Maker. Its in excellent condition for a 51 year old guitar...
  19. flyingdutchman

    Anyone have a gold Nashville LP bridge US Spec for sale or trade?

    Im looking for a gold bridge for my LP Studio. Needs to be gold and in good condition. Nashville only, US spec. I have a nickel gibson bridge with Graphtech saddles that I would trade if needed. Thanks!
  20. flyingdutchman

    NGD...1960 Melody Maker Photos

    Ive had this for a little bit of time now but I recently went thru it, giving the fretboard and frets a good cleaning and a nice setup. The body is very clean and has a nice burst. All original right down to the screws. Singlecut says "No excuses, the real deal". Even came with the original faux...

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