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  1. captdan61

    Gibson historic nut heights

    Question how high is too high for the nut to be at the first fret? I understand that is kind of subjective. Im just curious what folks think. And where should i measure to get the most accurate reading? First fret to bottom of string?
  2. captdan61


    I have a 2016 R9 before that I had a 2014 R9 the pickguard on this guitar seems floppy not rigid I can easily when I am playing I can hear it bouncing off the top of the guitar is that common is just a piece of ass for a pickguard? Who makes a really good solid pickguard the lovely guitar but...
  3. captdan61

    opinions? (Merged)

    Ok I may regret this but I'll ask for opinions. I'm experimenting with my guitar and I'm trying to decide how I like it best I slap some new pickups in it and I can't decide if I want the nickel covers on it or if I like them with the double creams pretty sure I don't like the double blacks or...
  4. captdan61

    what is the best way to improve a new R9 tone?

    Brand new 2014 R9 what is the best way to improve it's tone? New pick-up? Pots and caps?
  5. captdan61

    dr. vintage aka rick norman

    Siimple question. Has anyone here had any work done by this man? I have heard of "Dr vintage" pickups made by wolftone. Great product and great guy. But I do not know anything about DR VINTAGE INC. I read his posted reviews and it sounds like he knows how to make a r9 sound,play and feel better...
  6. captdan61


    It has taken FAR LONGER than it should have for me to get a R9. But I had to do it. Anyhow looked at a roomfull of benchmark, collectors choice R0,R8 and R9's new used ect. and thru my tweed deluxe ( no effects) this guitar sounded a lot better than the rest. I have always enjoyed the pictures...
  7. captdan61

    vintage guitar shows

    have any of you guys ever had any luck looking for R9 &R8 at vintage guitar shows? that would seem like a place were you would be able to get your hands on a lot of them in a small area?
  8. captdan61

    what parts to change on a r9 for best tone?

    I have read and have seen the different pickup rings and other plastic parts.and you folks are right. those parts do look much I will get them.but when I finally get my dream Guitar the parts I will want to change first are the ones that effect tone.studs,bridge,pots &caps pickups...
  9. captdan61

    New? or used? R9/R8/R60?

    So I have wanted a flame top les paul since I saw a univox copy in the 70's. Like most "working guys" Everytime I get a nice wad of cash that I could get me my dream guitar something happens.(car dies...girlfriend becomes to much of a pain in the ass and must go....ect,) So the money gets spent...

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